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The Police Station Fling

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Published 10 years ago
It was June of 1990 when I got a phone call from my Mark. Asking me to pick him up from the police station. But it wasn’t what you’re thinking. Mark was a police officer at Parramatta Station. We where suppose to be going to the pub. But Mark hadn’t changed out of his uniform yet. Mark said he had something to show me first. And led me to a back room of the station. I knew I had been set up when he closed the door behind us and stripped down to his boxer briefs. And started to undo the buttons on my blouse. Exposing my breasts in a pink lacy bra. Mark started to caress my breasts while his other hand slid up between my thighs pulling my pink lacy knickers down. I reminded him we had plans to go out drinking. “Surely there’s something else you’d like to do first” he teased. His hand teasing my pussy making me moan softly. With that the horniness took over. With out fear of being busted we both became completely naked. Pushed him on to the chair, hand cuffed him and started rubbing his throbbing cock. I said to Mark you’ve been a naughty police. And you know what bad men get? A blow job. I knelt down in front of my man as he sat completely naked in the squad room. Putting my mouth over his cock I started sucking it hard tasting it deep in my throat. Till Mark was begging if I could fuck him. I granted his wish and lowered my wet pussy on his hard cock. As I bounced Mark thrusted. Mark whispered I wish my hands where free to squeeze your bum. I was enjoying the position of power I was in. Marks cock was going so deep inside. And the thrill of being caught was making our bodies tremble in erotic passion. We soon came together cum dripping out of his cock and my pussy. Just as we where about to get up. We where rudely interrupted when another constable. Wait wait don’t come in Mark said as the constable burst into the room.” sorry” the constable said embarrassed but your girl friend is going to have to move her Ute. So I can get the squad car out. I uncuffed Mark immediately, got dressed and we left the station quickly. And headed off to the pub. But I couldn’t show my face around the station for a few months after the incident.

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