19 Jul 2018

Well to continue with the story of Janet’s release and what became of her is an ongoing tale of sexual adventures and the pent up release of her voracious sexual appetite that kept her wanting more sex and things got a lot kinkier!

I continued to meet Janet at every available opportunity from dropping off on a Friday or her walking to my place as our respective partners both worked so there was little chance of us being caught and this only heightened the the thrill we both felt. Janet and I would enjoy each other’s body as we fucked, sucked and ate each other at every opportunity till we were a sticky mess covered in sweat, cum and pussy juice.

Things started to get more kinky over time as we got to know each other more, then one Friday afternoon as I was fucking Janet doggy style on a towel laid out on my carpeted lounge room floor, she was in the midst of an orgasm squirting on my cock as I was hammering into her very wet pussy, I started rubbing her arsehole with my thumb.

As we had never discussed anal I wasn’t sure if she was into it or not? She surprised me with that same raunchy voice said “I like that finger my arse while you fuck me”, well I was very happy to oblige and with that I put some lube on her arsehole working it in with my thumb, then I slowed the pace so I could ease first one then two fingers up her arse.

In effect I was DP’ing her as I fucked her pussy with my rock hard veiny cock and had three well lubed fingers gliding in and out of her arsehole, I was trying to slowly stretch her arsehole so that I could put my cock in it.

Janet was loving it and pushing back on me as she had yet another deep orgasm as her legs shuddered crying out while squirting so much cum on me that I could feel it running down my balls and legs, adding another wet patch to the already soaked towel I had placed over the carpet!

Once she had finished cumming and relaxed a bit i slowly withdrew my fingers from her arsehole and replaced them with my hard cock slowly pushing into until my knob popped into her arsehole, Janet began to pushing her arse back so I could get the full length of my well lubed cock into her depths.

Janet was very vocal telling me that she loves anal then she placed both of her outstretched hands onto her arse cheeks spreading her arsehole and giving me the best view of my cock slowly stroking in and out of her arse. I quickened my pace then Janet came again and with that her arse muscles clamped hard onto my cock I now pushed deep into her and could feel my hardening balls touching her pussy lips as I blew cum into her open hole.

The feeling of cumming in her beautiful warm arsehole was beyond ecstasy, Janet then did something that took me totally by surprise she dropped onto her stomach so my cock popped out of her arsehole then she spun around and took my softening cock down her throat grabbing me by the hips and pulling me in her mouth, wow that was a first for me and it felt amazing as she sucked and cleaned my cock, I pulled her face up to look at me as I told her “you’re nasty but I loved it”

Janet and I finally collapsed into a heap, she proceeded to tell me that her husband likes anal but it hadn’t happened for a while, lucky me!

As we both lay there catching our breath Janet started telling me with that cheeky grin that before she was married she had a very active sex life and her and her friends used to swap partners and she was into orgies, gangbangs and to put it plainly swinging. I was very surprised as I never would have imagined, we had been having sex for about a month by then and were meeting each other either at our homes or sometimes in our cars at least three times a week!

Janet and I talked as we got cleaned up about how we maybe able to recreate some of the adventures that she had in the past, I told Janet that I had many kinky adventures before I got married and that I wanted to tell her about a situation I was currently involved in?

Janet’s eyes widened as I explained that several months ago I had dropped in to see a friend call Jim for a few drinks and a catch up, well his girlfriend Marjorie was there I had never met her but Jim had told me about her, they where both in their mid fourties and she could be described as a MILF about 5’ 6” petite and very easy on the eye, he had been seeing her for about six months. Well one thing lead to another as the drinks flowed the conversation became decidedly sexually orientated we were having a great time.

Jim has a spa that was bubbling away on the deck then they asked if I’d like to join them. I just said I didnt have any bathers, they both laughed as they started getting undressed telling me they never wear them anyway and to come on in, not being a prude I did just that.

My problem was once Marjorie started taking her clothes off I started to get a hard on as she had a great body with firm tits, great legs and a totally shaved pussy with full pussy lips. As we started to get in they both looked at me as I had my hand over my cock trying to push it down so my erection wasn’t as noticeable.

Marjorie looked at Jim who was staring at my hard cock and said “Jim he’s got a very substantial cock” I looked at them lost for words plunging into the spa using the bubbles to hide my manhood.

Once we were all in the conversation turn to sex as Marjorie was watching the head of my cock bobbing out of the water, she looked at Jim and said “can I touch it” Jim looked with a smile on his face and said ask him? My reply was obvious then she reached over with a big smile and didn’t just touch it but pulled me up out of the water and took my cock in her mouth and was sucking my cock. I stood up and grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her wet mouth.

Over the next hour or so I had fucked Marjorie’s shaved pussy her arse and sprayed cum all over her face which she was blowing big foamy bubbles with as she swilled it around in her mouth with Jim encouraging us the whole time, this became a regular weekly MMF becoming more kinkier a the weeks went by.

Janet was looking at me with lust in her eyes and asked if I still was going around there to which I replied “yes”and with that she smiled and asked if she could come next time..........to be continued.