19 Jul 2018

Janet was extremely horny over the following week after we had both spoken of how kinky we were and when we fucked I would tell her how good Majorie’s pussy was and how I wanted her to eat it while me and Jim fucked her, this made her cum harder and harder!

I dropped into Jim’s house one afternoon and filled him in on what I had been up to with Janet and how she was very keen on joining us to make it a foursome? Jim was very interested but wanted to surprise Majorie as she has never been with a woman but said they had discussed it often.

So Jim and I worked out a surprise for both Janet and Majorie, that we where sure would work?

My half day Friday was due at the end of the week so I innocently asked Janet if she would like me to give her a massage on Friday? Janet jumped at the opportunity, I explaining to her we could drop over to Jim’s as he had a massage room, spa and sauna all setup for relaxing and unwinding. I said that Jim would give me the key as he was taking Marjorie away for a dirty weekend down south.

The week seemed to drag on and I walked around with constantly hard cock; then Friday finally arrived, now we would see how our plan worked?

Timing was very important!

I had given Janet the address and we arranged to meet at 12.30, I was waiting when Janet arrived gave her a kiss and went around the back showing her the sauna, spa that was bubbling and ready to go and then we went inside to the massage room with mood lighting, scented candles, massage oil heating and a stack of fluffy towels. My cock was so hard cock it was aching with anticipation.

I helped Janet to undress which didn’t take long as she was just wearing anT shirt and summer shorts with no bra or undies. As I helped her undress I commented about how she was very prepared, to which she smiled saying that she had been waiting all week and was very horny.

I asked Janet to lay on the table face down as she did I dropped my clothes to the floor and kicked them into the corner of the room, I told her I would start on her shoulders while laying towels over her for warmth. Jim and I would massage Majorie in the sessions that we were having and he taught me some techniques that I used to help Janet relax, much to her pleasure.

I worked my way down Janet’s now familiar body taking my time around her beautiful arse holding myself back from touching her pussy and arse hole but massaging all around, teasing her with my touch Janet was in heaven and by the time I reached her feet I was worried that she would fall asleep, I asked if she was still with me to which she replied about how great it felt and to keep going.

Janet turned over though I had to help her being so relaxed, as she did I noticed that her nipple where hard and erect and as she had started shaving her pussy since we first fucked her pussy lips where very red and swollen, I really wanted to just start eating her but I had to resist as this was part of .................“the plan”.

I again started at her neck working my way with a circular motion massaging her ample breast, midriff making sure not to touch her pussy as I worked my way to her feet, she continued to comment how good it felt but was so horny! I was covering Janet with towels as I finished an area and moved to the next.

Just as I was finishing her feet and toes there was a light knock at the massage room door? Jim called out that he had forgotten something but didn’t want to interrupt us. Janet knew that Jim was aware of our liaison and was a very good friend, I asked Jim if Majorie was there as well and she answered asking if it was ok to come in, Janet replied telling them to come in and not be shy, I can assure you they are far from shy.

The door opened and as they entered Majorie commented about how warm and inviting the room was while apologising for the interruption, little did they know that I sent Jim a text msg with a single word “READY” the signal he was waiting for to come home unexpectedly.

Janet turned onto her side as they entered saying hi however as she did the towels I place over her slid off revealing her naked flesh for all to see! She didn’t seem to care greeting Jim and Marjorie with a friendly smile and hug. I was standing there naked with a full erection and as Marjorie approached me she smiled at Janet, commented about my cock then as she hugged and kissed me she placed her fingers around my hard shaft giving it a gentle squeeze.

Janet was watching with a smile as Jim approached her asking how his students massage skills were, she smiled and told us she could just lay there all day and be massaged. I then saw my chance and asked Janet how she would feel about the three of us finishing her off, to which she smiled and in that raunchy voice lay back and told us to help ourselves, we needed no further encouragement.

I moved up towards her face as she closed her eyes ready for the touch of six hands!

Jim moved towards her hips and thighs, Majorie asked if it was ok if she massaged her breast as she had never touched a woman before, Janet encouraged her to go ahead that would be yummy. We were all massaging and manipulating Janet who was purring like a contented kitten.

Watching this all happen was to much to bear so I gently turned Janet’s head sideways and offered her my cock, rubbing it against her lips to which she opened her mouth letting my hard veiny cock slide past her lips. Upon seeing this Jim opened Janet’s legs and proceeded to eat her pussy and on cue Marjorie took Janet’s hard nipple in her mouth hungrily suck on one then the other.

Marjorie had never been with a woman but always said that it was something she was very open to experience. I pulled my cock out of Janet’s mouth and asked her how she liked us all touching her and with that same nasty smile said

“this is wonderful”.

Jim now had two fingers pumping in and out of Janet’s pussy and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she would squirt all over his face. Seeing this I pulled Majorie closer to me and gently pushed her face towards Janet’s pushing their lips together in a very wet kiss where I could see there mouths open as they tongue kissed each other, after a while I offered them my cock which they greedily accepted, I alternated from one mouth to the other.

Janet was having some difficulty sucking me as she was about to climax sensing this I again gently pushed Marjorie towards Janet’s hot wet pussy, Jim was happy to move aside and Marjorie didn’t hesitate burying several fingers into her pussy followed by her tongue and mouth over her clit, it didn’t take long for Janet to squirt into Marjorie’s face that both surprised and shocked her.

Jim had taken over from me and was slapping his hard cock against Janet’s open mouth and tongue as she was climaxing letting out a groan of pleasure, she realised there was cock on offer, took it in her mouth and Jim started pumping her face!

Janet was loving all the attention....

Marjorie was lapping up Janet’s juices as I moved around behind her and lifted up her skirt and dropped her G string, Majorie said “fuck me” so as I was jamming my hard cock in as Majorie was easing more and more fingers into that very wet and inviting pussy. As I fucked Marjorie I saw she now was fisting that cunt her hand would disappear up to the wrist then withdraw in slow pumping motions.

Jim was holding onto Janet’s turned head as he pumped his cock down her throat, we look at each other and smiled, as this is what we had planned..,.,,................to be continued