21 Jul 2018

The Plan has worked!

Janet was loving the attention that she was receiving, the setting and mood and what she was missing from her sex life!

Majorie and Janet relished the experience, I could see they were equal in their enjoyment of each other’s bodies. The massage room was a great way to initiate the erotic experience that was in progress with Janet sucking hard on Jims cock and Marjorie enjoying the thrill of fisting and eating her first pussy and me with my cock buried deep inside Marjorie.

I had the best scene before my eyes as Janet was writhing on Majorie’s fist as Jim released a stream of cum across Janet’s face he was furiously pulling his cock as he emptied the last of his cum into Janet’s open mouth. I couldn’t hold back anymore as my balls were aching and blew into Marjorie’s cunt, pumping her hard as my knees were buckling from the orgasm.

Janet was hungrily swallowing the cum that was in her mouth as pulled my cock from Majorie as her cunt lips released me from its grip. Marjorie pulled her wet hand from Janet’s cunt and then went and kissed her sharing Jim’s cum as their tongues darted into each other’s mouths, I was having some difficulty standing up as my orgasm had been so intense and dropped onto my knees I started eating Majorie’s clit and pushed my fingers into her cunt massaging her G spot.

Jim not wanting to be left out started lapping and rimming Marjorie’s asshole as the ladies kissed passionately. I have seen women orgasm however since meeting Marjorie I have witnessed as veritable shower, when she cums it’s a tropical downpour!

The combination of the setting and the oral Marjorie was enjoying led to her releasing a huge squirt and when combined with my cum that was running out of Majorie’s cunt absolutely soaked me as I kept my mouth firmly attached to her pussy as her legs shuddered!

We were all a bit spent as Janet and Marjorie smiling like the cat that got the cream after they broke off their cumswapping kiss! We all decided it was time for a quick shower followed by a spa to relax our muscles, this also gave Jim and I time to explain how we had planned the whole thing as anticipation can sometime kill the mood.

Janet and Majorie we’re laughing with us as we all agreed now that we had broken the ice we should make this a regular thing and maybe even expand our group...........................

To be continued.