22 Jul 2018

I phoned Janet a few days after our session with Jim and Marjorie, we talked about how great an experience the foursome was with Janet being very keen to meet up again, I spoke to Jim and we arranged another play date for Friday afternoon our half day.

It was set with the same anticipation however this time the ladies we’re equally exited, in the time it took for the day to arrive when I fucked Janet it was all she could talk about especially with Marjorie but this time she wanted her pussy and to get that squirt all over her face, she was so horny and I encouraged her as I fucked her open holes.

The day finally arrived but this time I picked Janet up discreetly and we went together. Jim and Marjorie where ready and waiting on the rear deck so we all had a few drinks and chatted it was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for play! We were relaxing and after a while I mentioned to Janet that she should say hello to Marjorie properly.

Janet stood and went to Majorie and at first kissed her gently then the passion increased as their tongues darted against the others. Jim and I watched the girls kissing and fondling each other with increasing passion, I asked the ladies if they wanted to go inside; smiling they both agreed as Jim ushered them into the bedroom where the mood had been set in readiness for today’s play.

Janet and Marjorie dropped their clothes to the floor and continued their kissing on the bed as Jim and I watched and encouraged them as they touched and fondled each other’s bodies. Jim and I were stroking our cocks as they manoeuvres into a 69; the scene was incredibly hot with the ladies licking each other’s clits tongues teasing and flicking.

Janet’s was on her back lapping and licking as I offered her my cock, she hungrily opened her mouth as the position she was in let me shove it deep into her throat, she replaced her tongue with two fingers that she pushed in Marjorie’s cunt rubbing her G spot. Janet’s legs where hanging of the side of the bed as I saw Jim lifting them up onto his chest as I heard Marjorie tell him to shove it in her, he was then fucking her pussy.

I could hear a muffled sucking sound as Marjorie pleasured Janet’s clit. I started alternating between between Majorie’s hot cunt and Janet’s mouth as Janet’s tongue sucked and licked my balls or that hot clit.

The Ladies where becoming increasingly vocal in between being gagged by a cock fucking their mouths, Jim and I smiled at each other as we fucked knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the ladies squirted into each other’s mouths. Our tempo was increasing then I heard Marjorie let out a groan of pleasure as she squirted into Janet’s mouth and face, Janet was taken by surprise of the amount of cum that was released as Majorie’s legs shuddered and her cunt clamped down hard on my cock.

I pulled my cock out as Janet continued lapping at Marjorie’s cunt as she quivered with pleasure, Jim pulled his cock from Janet’s cunt and asked them to turn over so Janet was in doggy position then stuck his cock back into her, as Jim applied a liberal amount of lube to her arsehole rubbing it in with his thumb loosening her up. I asked Jim how he liked her to which he just smiled and continued.

I was stoking my cock as I stood next to Jim as we both pushed a finger into Janet’s arsehole hooking them in as we prised her hole open, eventually we managed to get four fingers in her arsehole as she relaxed, Jim said he wanted to DP her.

We got the ladies to seperate which was a feat as they where loving eating each other’s cunts, I laid on the bed as Janet mounted my cock; Marjorie was kneeling on the bed holding Janet’s arse checks open as Jim worked his cock into Janet’s arsehole as I lay enjoying the feeling of him rubbing his cock against mine through that layer of skin.

Jim worked his cock into her arse until our balls where touching and as he slowly pumped her arse I could enjoy the sensation of our balls touching as we DP’d her cunt and arse, Janet was in heaven as I watched her eyes roll in pleasure as she released a moaning sound, we had worked up to a nice pace as Marjorie said how incredibly hot it was as I felt her hand touching our cocks and Janet’s clit.

We where fucking Janet as I told her what a dirty slut she was letting us all fuck her and how she was going to cum in our cocks, with both Jim and Majorie joining In with equal commentary. I said to Jim that I could feel her tensing up and she was ready to cum and with that Janet moaned with pleasure as she clamped down and came in a shuddering orgasm.

I said to Jim that I wanted to blow real bad he replied that he was ready five minutes ago with that we both jammed our cocks hard into her arse and cunt till our balls where grinding together and came the felling of our cocks twitching and rubbing together help to enhance our mutual orgasm this sent Janet over the top again and I could feel her cumming again with the same shudder.

We kept both our cocks in her until her clamping muscles popped our near flaccid cocks from her holes. Jim collapsed on the bed beside me then Marjorie who loves cum got off the bed and proceeded to eat Janet cunt and arse sucking out our mixture of cum occasionally popping my cock in her mouth sucking out the last of the cum dribbling out.

Janet rolled of me and moved up the bed between Jim and I as Marjorie moved between her legs to finish cleaning up her holes, as we took a nipple each into our mouths, proving to much for Janet as she had another orgasm that Marjorie greedily lapped up. The ladies where both spent as they came together in a kiss Marjorie’s face was a sticky mess with a mixture of cum and squirt running down her neck and tits that Janet licked away at.

We were all ready for a quick shower and spa as we don’t have much time on Friday due to our separate commitments. As we enjoyed the soft bubbling of the spa we organised our next meeting however I mentioned that I had been having contact with another couple as I had answered an ad by a couple seeking play partners and if we all agreed we could check them out, we all smiled in agreement as we wanted to increase the size of our group....................to be continued