Written by pilgrim54

8 Aug 2010


I hadn’t seen him for years, ran into him one day in the street, and agreed to ‘grab a bite’.

I wondered why I’d done so. It wasn’t as if we’d ever been close, we’d had some dealings thirty years ago, I’d sell him things, he’d sell me some, nothing big deal.

The one thing we had in common was Sheilas.

In particular, the kind who liked being shared.

In fact, over a couple of years or so, it’d developed into a bit of a mania thing. We’d almost wordlessly find ourselves driving around, ‘calling in’ on various of the women we knew, and putting ourselves in the situation of perhaps probing the boundaries…

Amazingly, some of them did like to join us on those boundaries, and occasionally a bit beyond…

The one Bruce rang me about one cold afternoon, said she was the best, he’d just done it with her, and she wanted more play…..I dropped everything, drove to the house in Caulfield, to find a voluptuous housewife in extreme need of sex, sex, and more sex….After we fucked, she just looked at our dicks, cooed, breathed on them, adored them……

Bruce was tall like me, and his equipment was envy producing beyond most. His cock was long, and tapered from a broad base to a venomous head….he had a way with him, and his easy sexual negotiation was something to see.

That man could fuck a rotten orange, as the saying goes….

But that was thirty years ago, and I’ve never found much to be gained in going over old ground. He’d been very successful in business, and I’d seen him at various places from time to time, always with someone lubricious….or so it seemed.

The restaurant was a trendy little place not far from where I lived, we sat down and ordered. There weren’t many there, some kids, a couple of older ones, and a couple nearby. The couple had the easy familiarity of long term marrieds, the man powerful, an open face, the woman clear skinned, wide eyes, long dark hair.

We chatted idly, nothing too much of note, and I found myself observing the couple.

She wore a simple black dress, pearl earrings, her legs were slim and smooth.

As we moved into the main course, Bruce noticed my occasional glances, and made some remark about ‘never changed, have you…’ but she had his attention as well….

The male had a constant smile, and nodded to me on one occasion, as if sharing a joke he and the woman were thinking of. I could feel something, uncertain, interesting, my imagination I reckoned…..

The man was suddenly there, standing near our table, smiling down at us. I had momentary nervousness, maybe he’s some kind of nutter, gets off on his wife flirting, then picks a fight…..

I didn’t need the drama, it’s all too tedious, dealing with insecure blokes…

‘Hello’ he said, very friendlily, ‘My wife and I are wondering if you’d care to join us for coffee…’

My stomach gave a little sign, I glanced at Bruce, he was gazing at the woman….What does this bloke want?

‘We’d be pleased to.’ I said. What am I doing? What am I doing?

I glanced at her again, her eyes were down, then she looked up, and deep into me…..

My stomach handed down it’s verdict; this woman wants something very badly, very badly, do whatever you have to, but you must do it…..

I stumbled slightly on the way to their table, her eyes laughed, her mouth bent a little….she’s magnificent, she’s magnificent, she’s magnificent……

Bugger, Bruce is here, that tricky……..I then saw her look at him, and it was not going to be tricky at all. Her eyes raked his lean body, lingering for a microsecond halfway down, and then glanced at me again, the signal unmistakable….

The male introduced us, we uttered some clumsy words, he was easy and funny, comfortable and collected.

The conversation flowed quite easily after a little while. They were married, and having a rare night out on their own without the kids.

She’s magnificent! She’s magnificent!

As coffee was being finished, Bruce said idly, ‘I’ve got an apartment just around the corner, it’s early, why don’t we go and listen to some music, dispose of some Napoleon Brandy…’

AAAArRRRRRGGGHHHHH! Bruce, you fucking idiot, what the fuck are you doing…..this woman is something I want to work on, and here you are coming on like Captain Sleaze!

The male said, smiling; ‘That would be nice, we can relax for a while, what do you think, Darling?’

‘I’d love to’



The tingle in the stomach was a full blown fire alarm……..

She got up in one fluid movement, and led the way to the entrance, closely followed by Bruce, the male and I just behind. A glittering look over her shoulder at the three men following was a window to her soul……

Outside, it was cold, windy, black, the trees flicking the last leaves of winter to the shining black pavement. She and Bruce walked ahead, occasionally their bodies would lightly touch accidentally, he whispered something to her, she giggled, looked back at the male, winked….

What the fuck is going on here? What? What?

It couldn’t be, could it?

The male was pleasant, chatty, his face open and friendly. ‘I like to see her enjoying herself, she’s done so much for me, so understanding of the way men are….’

I mumbled vague thoughts of what a lucky man he was to have an understanding wife, who seemed to glory in her appeal, and appreciate his responses…..

‘We have our priorities in order’ he said, smiling as she tripped slightly, Bruce catching her as she swayed to one side, his hands at her waist. The dress had ridden up slightly, her stockings gleaming in the streetlights….

Bruce’s place, his ‘Lumber’ was a tiny little flat, about two minutes walk away. He fumbled at the door, she turned to me; ‘Isn’t this exciting…’

‘Isn’t this exciting!’ I’ll fucking say it is….the big problem was how I’d get over the inevitable letdown when normal transmission was resumed, these two had had their idle fun, and Bruce and I would be left in that well known situation, cocks in our hands….

Anyway, the mood was easy, and I found myself very comfortable with the male, he and I seemed to be teammates in the observance of the interaction between the woman and my once-was-mate…..

Inside, the place was warm, dim, soft. Brucey boy cued some light jazz, and the Napoleon magically appeared…..

‘Dance with me?’ She was in front of me, looking down, I could see her figure, soft, generous, a faint classical light perfume saying hello……

‘Uh, sure, uh, well, OK, sure, sure….’

What was I, 17 again? at the High School dance? I’m a middle-aged, successful bloke, and here I am, blubber…..

She was that kind of woman. I looked at the male, he grinned, said; ‘let me watch…’

We came together, her breasts pressing against me, the sweet breath smell lingering around my face, we moved slightly………Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I’m getting hard! Hard!

She knew. She knew. She knew.

She moved against me, I struggled to hide my condition from the male, but of course he knew, too.

The male was sitting back in a deep armchair, Napoleon in hand, head nodding slightly to the music, looking as pleased as it’s possible to be……

Who are these people? How can they be so together? How can he endure the outright arousal that’s happening….

He looked at me again; ‘I DO like to watch her, and you, and Bruce…’

Bruce was with us now, moving behind her, his body synchronised with mine and hers, moving against her rear, his hands on her hips.

She was moving more than we were, my erection almost painful in her groin, Bruce undoubtedly the same behind……

‘This is lovely’ . The breath came straight at me, her face raised to mine, her lips parted, her white teeth under the licking tongue…..

The Kiss. Deep, open, wet, probing, enduring. Bruce buried in her neck, under her hair, the trail of wet following his tongue……her hand was now between us, the back of it brushing the hardness…..

The male had joined us.

He was touching her breasts, his hand inside, the nipples apparent. She was mewing lightly, her breath heavy, her legs came slightly astride, she was rocking on that famous Brucecock, Jesus, if only she knew, if only she knew, if only she knew…..

Fuuuccckkkkkk……it was soft, guttural, clear, it came from her with a shudder….Fuccckkkkkk…..ahhhhhh…..she was loose now, her body the common bond between the three of us. She was the core, the centrality, the reason for our existence, we were hers. She could do what she wanted with us. She could do what she wanted with us…….

She moved away, back to the couch, sat down, leaving us looking, at each other, at her, feeling the rapid breaths, the pounding pulse, the savage inner primality…….

She held her arms out slightly, the male went to her, they kissed, he bending down, she holding her head up to his….he felt her breast again, and moved away to the chair, settled, smiled.

She patted the couch on each side of her, the glance flicking between we two, we moved mindlessly to her sides, sitting, stretching, adjusting…….

She turned to Bruce, engulfed his mouth, her body moving, moving, the dress now around her hips, the stark contrast of her thighs over the stockings shocking, obscene, her legs parted……

I touched her. Touched her hip, moved down to the hem, moved under it up to the inner place, dark, furry, moist, open, moving…….

She moved against my hand, it slid into her effortlessly….she was making more urgent noises now, the movements jagged and erratic.

A quick movement, her leg was over Bruce, his monstrous cock was free, probing at the place I’d just been to….the place was rabid, engulfing, engulfing, engulfing…..

OHHHHFUUUUCCKKKKKKKK!!!! OOOHHHH FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK…..Fuuuucck me, fuuucccckkk me, fuuuccccklkkkkkkkmeefuck me fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme

She was fucking him. Madly, a heaving mass, the slippery squelching sounds dominating, his body arching into her, his face buried in her hair……….

The male! What the fuck is he going to do! He was now standing near them, eyes hooded, his cock rigid, moist, urgent………’Do you love it Darling, do you, do you?’

He looked at me; ‘She’s wonderful, isn’t she?’ Jesus, is she ever, is she ever…..

She came off Bruce in one swift movement, his tapered cock flaring vertically in front of us, wet and glistening……Her head went to it, the movement was rapid and vital, in seconds his cock spurted, spurted, spurted….his face a mask of wonderment and fulfilment….The globules spattered upon her face, her hair, her breasts…..

She moved back to the corner of the couch, legs splayed, her eyes spearing into mine, demanding, ordering, commanding….I moved, following the agony of the iron of my arousal, and fell into her, completely, totally, whirling into the universe of her being, harder, deeper, longer, longer, longer……

We came.

Jesus, how we came.

Never like this for me.

Never such a woman.

Never such a male nearby, never the great Bruce humbled in orgasm like this, never has the oneness been as one as this…..four specks in the ectoplasm, her, him, me, Bruce, struggling through the void, together as one….as one….as one….

It was quiet.

The four forms still. Heaving chests the only sign of the tectonic shift……

‘You’re wonderful…’ I jerked into awareness…..she was talking to the male. He gazed; ‘I love you’.

‘I love you’. She was one with him.

Bruce looked at me. ‘I don’t bloody love you!’ ‘Me either’ I said.

‘Can you believe it?’

Well, it happened, never before, and never again……for just a moment there, everything was allright……..

She looked at us; ‘You blokes are all right…….can we do it again soon?’