Written by Mick_L

24 May 2018

It all satrted one Friday my day that i take the bike out. Was talking to the neighbour over the fence when she asked what I was doing. Going for a ride, she said I have never been on a bike and of course being the gentleman I am said , would you like to come. She said OK. so for we went ,planning about 1hr 30 mins then coffee ride back. Told her to hold on. may be should of given more details on were to hold, but around my waist holding my belt buckle seem OK. Started off and about 30mins into trip she relaxed and so did her hands resting either side of my cock -tits pressing into my back. Cock has a mind of its own and started to grow . Hands did not move just held onto my leg and cock well what do you know cock got harder. Arrived a coffee nothing was said nice morning started ride home. Notice that the hands held a bit tighter on the way home and moved along my cock. Mind was racing had to focus but had to or we my die. She was playing with my cock , only in the movies you know which ones. Arrived home she dismounted smiled and said do we have a date for next Friday, I had to think for a second and said sure - same time same place. will let you know what happens.