Written by Zshubby

28 Oct 2012

It was the seventies and my wife and I liked to play a bit with black US sailors here on R&R. We would cruise in the old HK Holden and find a guy looking for a cab and offer to drive him back to the ship. Zena would sit in the back with them and most of the time it was cool - my wife would explain that I was 'ok' with it. She would play with their black cocks while I found a dark laneway to park in. I would turn around on my seat - bench seats in those days - and watch.

Oh man, back then it seemed like all the black guys wanted was a white woman, and here was one on tap. They'd been at sea for six months or more and were raring to go and there would be the wife giggling at their lusty eagerness. Zena wore quite flimsy panties and she lost more than one pair on a ship's visit - the elastic just wasn't up to a big black hand groping inside them. I could hear the elastic just give up the unequal struggle with a sexy 'snap' sound and Zena would raise her hips to help the guy drag them off her.

It was always a hurried business as the guys got straight down to business - the wife sprawled on the back seat, panties around one ankle, skirt bunched around her hips and her cunt fur standing out starkly against the paleness of her skin. Zena has huge saggy tits - 44DD - and the guy would flop one or both out and have a fondle. The whole thing was so dirty and erotic as the guy struggled to get his tight sailor trousers down and panting and gulping for air in his haste and the wife moaning as she waited. Then, oh fuck, then the frantic coupling with the guy grunting harshly and the wife's long drawn out "...ungghhhh..." as she was entered. Zena would raise her arm toward me and I'd grip her hand and feel the hardness of her wedding ring. Her head would be back, nodding to the guy's insistant thrusts... we used to love those two or three day visits