Written by pjb

20 Dec 2010

I was on the chat line again Hot gossip & a women was try to get a guy to come & play with her, her girl friend & a a guy friend. She described all of them & we made arrangements to meet up that afternoon at 1pm.

I showed up at 1pm to find that the girls were running late. I was invited in to find he had a huge tv & was playing some great porn. We sat & watched for half an hour & the phone rang. It was the girls & they were still on there way. He put the phone on load speaker & she asked him If she could see us playing together when they arrived!

I was shocked & said nothing. He put the phone down & he asked if I had been with a guy before & I said I had never even thought of it. He said that's cool & left it at that. An other 15mins went by & I was so horny from watching the porn I started rubbing myself discreetly. He noticed & said if you don't mind if he was to suck me when the girls arrived. He also said if I didn't mind we should get naked for them too. So we both stripped off. Fuck he had the biggest dick I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!! It must have been 30cm long & fat with a big mushroom head. I congratulated him on his cock & he was kinda embarrassed. We both started playing with our own cocks whilst still watching the porn. He stopped & said they will be here any minute & ran out off the room. I kept watching & playing starting to get very nervious that the girls were about to arrive.

He returned with a bag & opened it up to display a huge arrangement of dildos & other sex toys. He said if I wanted to use any be his guest & I replied I'm fine thanks. A few more minutes went by & he turned to me & asked if he could suck my cock & said to me once I try I will be back for more! I was so horny on the prospects of the girls I said well I only live once & before I could say anything else he was sucking away.

He was right, he was good. As a matter of fact he was the best head job I had ever had up until that time anyway ! LOL. the phone rang again. It was very much at the wrong time . He stopped & answered. It was the girls again & he said there just around the corner!. He asked me to look like I was fucking him when they arrived. He came back & sucked me again & then stopped & turned around & said just place it on my ass. I did so & was so turned on I pushed on in!. It felt just like a womens ass! I started pumping & he moaned with delight . He came as I was pumping & asked me to stop. He then turned around & sucked me untill I came.

I then relised that there was never going to be any girls & I was coned!. I was so horny from the thought of the girls getting all excited from what they were about to see I just went with the flow! Very horny fuck but , I must say.

I went & had a shower & left thinking what had I just done. I was so embarassed at that time. But looking back on it, it was a fucking very horny 3hrs !!!!!!!