Written by paddynlou

5 Nov 2010

I was so busy today in the shop, I hadnt had a chance to stop. i had a dress on with a pink lace & silk bra & matching panties.

My friend came to visit as he does every fri after hes been to the gym. The shop was full of ppl so he had a coffee & waited & watched while i worked. I love it when he watches! he helped me out putting some things away while i was busy . then when the rush was over i asked him to give me a hand putting away some boxes . he looked at me with a smirk & said that could be dangerous but i still kept walking into the back store room .

I dont think the boxes hit the floor before he was kissing me hard & instantly my pussy tingled & I could feel the wetness.. he kissed me long & hard then reached under my dress & rubbed my pussy through my panties while whispering in my ear (i need you so much) with that i felt another surge of wetness.

he bent down & pulled my pants off & quickly put them in his pocket at the same time he knelt down and lifted my skirt and started licking & sucking my clit. I could have screamed with pleasure, but i was forever vidulant as we were in front of the shop window . a window that people look in regularly, he came back to me & kissed me again i could taste myself on his lips. he had his hand under my dress working my clit , I am so wet now & close to cumming .

when a customer came in ! but thats ok I can wait my pussy is longing for his touch again, my lips are longing for the taste of his cock...