Written by TeeJay58

28 Jul 2018

About 5 years ago I was meeting guys to have some fun with them. My wife knew all about it and did not have a problem with it as she was not interested in sex, with me or anyone else.

One day I made contact with a couple from a town 100’s of kilometres away saying “it’s a pity you’re not closer”. The reply came back, “you never know”. To cut a long story short, they came to Perth on a semi-regular basis. So we arranged to meet on one of their visits, just me and the couple.

The couple and myself met a café and chatted for a short time before they invited me back to their apartment. Upon arrival at the apartment, the husband (Bill) sat at the table and said this was all for his wife’s benefit. I’m 178 cm tall, his wife (Sandy) is only 155 cm tall, skinny and with tiny – but lovely – tits. We stood together in the middle of the room and slowly started to undress each other. I was quite nervous as was Sandy, but I eventually got my hands onto a beautiful pair of tits and gently sucked one nipple then the other. Sandy was stroking my now hard cock in her warm tiny hands. I rubbed the outside of Sandy’s pussy with my hand, it felt so hot to the touch.

I led Sandy over to the bed and gently laid her down. I kissed her starting with her face and slowly worked my way down her neck, breasts, stomach and finally stopping at her pussy. I started to lick her pussy lips, slowly working them open with my tongue. Once my tongue opened those lips, what an explosion of warmth and moisture, she was so wet. I worked my tongue from the bottom of her vagina up to her clit, occasionally sucking her clit between my lips and flicking it with my tongue. It did not take much effort to make Sandy orgasm while doing this.

Time to swap the oral around and oh boy, did Sandy know how to suck cock. I had to ask her to stop as I did not want to cum just yet. We kissed and cuddled for some time, running our hands over each other’s body. Meantime, Bill was watching and enjoying the view of his wife playing with another man. He also took some photos while we played (shit, my arse is bigger than I thought – never seen my bum in a photo before).

After the kissing and cuddling, we were both ready to take this further. I slowly entered her pussy while Sandy was on her back. I’m not well endowed and Sandy was so wet, my cock slipped into her very easily. We fucked and kissed for several minutes then we rolled over and Sandy impaled herself on my cock and started riding me while I played with those wonderful small tits of hers. Fuck this was awesome. Knowing that Bill was there watching and taking photos just added to the excitement.

Sandy had orgasmed several times while rubbing her pussy over my cock and pelvis bone. Eventually I could not hold back any more and had one of the best orgasms I’d ever had. We both calmed down while in each other’s arms.

To be continued...