Written by TeeJay58

29 Jul 2018

As I said, my wife (Judy) was not interested in sex, but we planned a couple of days in Bill and Sandy’s home town and Judy was willing to meet them.

We met Bill and Sandy in town to have dinner at a local restaurant. After dinner we walked around town being shown the highlights. Eventually we ended up back at Bill and Sandy’s for a further chat and cuppa before Judy and I left for our camper for the night. We had talked about our first encounter back in Perth several weeks earlier and this was in front of Judy, so she knew what went on that day (which she had a fair idea about to start with). Then as we were about to leave, Judy stood up, lifted her shirt and bra, grabbed Bills hands and placed them on her tits. Well, I was in total shock, in our entire married life (over 30 years), Judy has never done anything like this. The tit play lasted a few minutes before Judy made herself ‘respectable’ again but you could not wipe the smile off Bills face, and Sandy looked like she enjoyed it too.

The next day Bill and Sandy showed us around their town before we had to leave just before lunch to go home.

They took us to a historical site some distance from town. As we got out of our cars, Bill pointed out where to toilets were and Judy made straight for them. The rest of us went into the building and started looking around. Judy caught up with us and put her handbag down on the ground and started to take her jumper off. As she pulled the jumper over her head, her shirt started to come out of her trousers, I said “be careful, you’ll pull it all off soon”. And that’s exactly what she did. Judy was now topless, her boob swinging around in the breeze. Again, she went up to Bill and placed his hands on her tits. I asked Sandy if she wanted to go topless as well. She did not have to be asked twice, so I got to play her Sandy’s tits.

I said to Bill, “it’s only fair if the girls go topless, we go bottomless”. So our pants hit the dirt and both girls came up to have a feel and a play with our cocks. Again, this was a first for Judy.

Time was against us, so we all got dressed and said our goodbyes with a promise to catch up again soon.

On the drive home, Judy was so worked up and randy that she took her top off and was topless for many kilometres. The surprising bit was when she dived her hand into her pants and started rubbing her pussy like there was no tomorrow (very unlike Judy). That was a fun trip home.

To be continued,,,(the final part).