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The slow build up to a foursome... Part 3

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2 min
Published 2 years ago
Bill and Sandy were coming to Perth again soon and wanted to know if we wanted to take our tit and cock play to the next step. I was all for it, It would be awesome to have my wife take part in the same sexual activity that I was part of. She was reluctant at first but finally agreed to having a foursome. The day arrived and we met Bill and Sandy at the villa they were renting. After a brief chat to catch up on what we had been up to since we last saw each other, we were soon all naked and on the bed. It didn’t take long for Judy to be on her back and taking Bills cock. Sandy was sitting on the bed at Judy’s head and leaning over Judy sucking on her nipples. To my surprise, as Judy had never shown any lesbian tendencies, Judy was playing with Sandy’s pussy, wow, what a turn on. I played with Sandy’s tits for a while as I watched everything that was happening. While Judy was enjoying being fucked by Bill, I mounted Sandy and fucked her while watching my wife being fucked by another guy. Sandy must have been enjoying it too as she orgasmed several times before I blew my load into her. It was all over too soon. Judy did not want to play any further after Bill fucked her. The rest of us were happy to wonder around naked with the occasional grope. At that point things changed for Judy – which I will not go into here. We have not had a foursome since or even me having sex with my wife. But the experiences I’ve had with that couple and my wife are burned into my memory forever. I only wish there was more to come.

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