Written by gigglynurse

24 Aug 2011

My partner is a devious and at the same time generous guy, always indulging me but at the same time always dreaming up ways for us to have more sex in every place with either couples or single guys.

Anyway I was complaining about the lack of toys that seemed to “do the job” for me when one day he says he has a surprise for me. Lets have a glass or two of bubbles and a smoke and relax in the lounge, you get your sexy lingerie on first though he says. Me ? Sexy lingerie I ask, I just want to take it off mostly and get into the fun stuff. Impatient to the core. So dutifully I tart myself up, find my obligatory nurses costume, high heels, stethoscope and rubber gloves, (nice touch hey ?) and flounce back into the lounge to see him carry in some great box, set it upon the floor and proceed to plug in the house power. “Jesus” I exclaim, “I am not using anything hooked into the bloody power grid, I could die”. “oh” he laughs, “you might die but it will be smiling”

So there we are, looking at each other, he with a huge grin on his face and me with a look of trepidation as I survey what he has set up. What the fuck is that thing I ask ? Its a sybian he proudly tells me, the greatest orgasm machine for women there is apparently, all you do is choose your attachments, size, shape etc and then sit astride it like a saddle and slowly turn it on. Hmmm, I feel a bit nervous now, that cock attachment he has chosen looks huge, but then I think back to the last young guy we had over here and he had a magnificent large cock, it was truly sensational to feel it stretch me as he fucked me hard and long to several lovely orgasms.

Ok I tell him, lets give it a go but geeze I need another drink and a little relaxing smoke first. So as I have drink in one hand and the other to work the dials I lower myself on, thinking at least he has warmed up the insert for me and the lube lets it slide so easily into my slightly wet but very nervous pussy. Deeply deeply it goes all the way in and I am wondering what all the fuss is about as I sit astride this little black saddle with no thought as to what might be coming next.

“Why not try the controls my lover” he says and encourages me to try the right hand dial beginning a slow squirming in my pussy as the big cock insert slowly moves around as if I am sitting astride a nice young boy who is gently easing his cock from side to side and back and forth. “Oh” I exclaim that is nice as I feel the cock gently rub my g spot on each pass and feel it press hard on my cervix on the other extreme. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes very good I think as I take another sip. My fingers now wander on the controls and I wind the second dial around to suddenly jump with a start, now the damm thing has a second vibe that is hard on my clit and this one is wicked, just the right spot and encouraging me to press harder against is, working with the first one I find my hips are beginning to rock back and forth as if I am fucking the saddle.

Soon I can sense I am rising, rising fast too, he is staring at the scene of me as the slow start has now accelerated to a fast rush towards the inevitable. Wind the dials around a bit further he says and I blindly follow his instruction lost in the rush of pleasure emanating from my cunt as I push the controls a bit further. He squirts a little lube on the seat and the slippery oil lets me slide wonderfully and I find my self grunting hard as I push myself first back onto the lovely huge cock and then hard onto the clit vibe to get the best of both.

Oh god I cry out, I cant believe how this is making me feel, I am starting to really cry out now, I can hear it but not control it at all, I don't care that he is watching, I would have done it in front of a crowd and not cared as long as I could continue to fuck this toy. Now I feel myself coming, the contractions begin deep inside my pussy and the gushing is making the saddle so wet that I am slipping easily on the seat. Still I am climbing, ever upward to what is going to be a huge orgasm as I rip my nurses costume apart at the front seam and begin to pinch and twist my own nipples to increase the sensations.

A continuous stream of profanity is coming from my mouth and I seem totally helpless to stop, all I want is more, the itch in my clit needs to be scratched and hard, the cock is driving deep into my willing puss as I slam back against it and then slide forward to grind my puss on the frontal buzzer.

Without me realising it he has moved around behind me and now runs his hands over my back and around my chest to squeeze my nipples and leans forward to bite my neck and ears. Oh shit I cry out, I cant hold on any more and just as he slides a finger deep in my arse I convulse hard and the spasms rack me all over, I feel my puss squirt what feels like half a litre of fluid all over the place and I just stop breathing as the sensations hit me everywhere.

Finally I start to come down and then I note he has wound the dials back to minimum. Oh damm that was good I exclaim, that was way too fucking good, so high, so quick, I must learn to control it and slow the climb to enjoy the journey more. I am totally trashed, I feel like I have been fucked over by two or three young studs and they have used me big time. But there is one problem starting to make itself felt. My knees, god my knees hurt, I am not used to sitting like this and in the throes of desire I had no inclination to worry about any pain but now I can feel they hurt. Ah, I hate getting old I say.

Babe I tell him, this is the greatest toy but I am not sure I can use it all the time as my knees just hurt so much, once every now and then is great but what are we going to do the rest of the time ? Now here is where his really devious nature comes in. “Why don't we advertise and see if any couples or indeed single women would like to try it out he says ? Oh yeah I say, like who is going to want to do that ? Lol, I should have known, he had already placed an advert on the forum and we had two couples coming over the very next night for a spa and sybian party. And so the Sybian Club had begun and the fun began for all of us.