20 Nov 2019

Have you heard of the Tiger bedroom at the Canberra Zoo? My ex and I were both nature lovers and paid for and went to the zoo there for a pat the Cheetah experience, which we enjoyed. The keepers take you into the Cheetah enclosure and allow you to pat the cheetahs under their careful guidance. I remember being surprised at two things – the coarseness of their fur, much more like a Llama than a cat, and the fact that they were always focussed on the distance, alert for things far away much more than things closeup – looking out for approaching dangers I guess. When we were leaving the Cheetah experience we noticed that they had a bedroom you could pay to stay in right next to the Tiger enclosure. We were both gob-smacked at the idea and it was expensive so we saved for a couple of years then booked to try it out. The bedroom you got was for people to stay in after hours, so you arrived after closing time when other visitors had left for the day, they you vacated before visitors were allowed in the next morning. All keepers left for the night also, you just had an emergency number to call them back if you needed them at all. The bedroom was screened from any visitors and staff on two sides, and the other two walls were entirely glass and faced into the Tiger enclosure. We had been horny for weeks leading up to our stay, about being able to be nude and have sex with such powerful magnificent creatures looking on! The best was of course standing sex with my ex up against the glass wall, looking straight at the tigers as I fucked her from behind. Wow that was an experience to remember. I highly recommend you save up your pennies for that one.