Written by Fillinthevoidnomore

12 Jul 2017

The trip home from surprise at the beach for me and my wife.

So it's getting late an our friends say they are leaving and head of back to their 4WD to pack as do we, it's just about dusk as we're driving out the track and my wife said I can't believe what you did with that woman, I Just grabbed her hair and put it to her mouth and said taste that, you certainly enjoyed it she tried to interject and I shut her down and continued when she kept squiring in your face and when you were rubbing her clit while she was on top of me fucking me continually squinting in your face, I said I felt your tongue on my cock you were loving it licking her pussy weren't you (guessing) she quietly said yes and with that I pulled over in a small clearing not long after hitting the bush track up the top of the hill.

I said you loved the taste of her didn't you again she replied yes. I only had a towel around me I cast it aside and said then taste some more,my cock again hard as a rock, she instantly leant over and started licking my cock like a well earned ice cream long soft sucking strokes all the way down to my sack and all around the shaft back to the tip of my knob, then she surprised with something she had not done before and swallowed me to my balls, bobbing up and down, each time she would lick both my balls for a few seconds, it went on for a few minutes.

The sun had gone and I told her to get out of the car and strip as she did I heard a woman's voice from behind me moan, looking over my shoulder was our friend from the beach who came and visited after Karen had left her name was Dee her husband had left with their son and she said we saw you with that girl it was awesome.

I got out of the car naked, still rock hard and she Instantly grabbed my cock and got on her knees and started sucking me, meanwhile I'm in a spin, where the fuck did this day come from I'm thinking, well who gives a hoot I'm in heaven, my wife unaware of what's happening as she can't hear over the radio. I tell her to Get in the car and present her pussy to me, on your back I tell her and spread your legs, I go down on her she is dripping and starts squirting instantly, I tell Dee quietly to stop sucking me and eat my wife while I fuck Dee from behind, a first for both of them apparently (as I find out later). I pull out of Dee after a few minutes and walk around to my Wife side of the car, her head is hanging downwards, a position I love when face fucking a woman, her mouth is open so I slip my cock in and she tastes Dee and moans then realises she is still being eaten , she was too far into it to care and was squirting in Dee's mouth she leant back and pulled me by the hips into her mouth, as she did she kept getting faster and deeper, pushing and pulling me deeper into her mouth, I was getting close and she knew, I yelled I'm cumming and she just pulled me in deeper to my balls and gagged as I came down her throat, another first for her, she pulled my cock from her mouth and said that feels awesome, she swallowed me again and bit hard at the bottom of my cock and continued to hold me deep in Her mouth, feeling me soften in he mouth, eventually I pulled out of her and went back to Dee and told her if she wanted to be eaten by my wife to go around a put her pussy on her face and see what happens, as she was walking around the car I notice some guys watching and wanking, I go down on the wife she is still dripping, I need a rest I tell, I call one of the guys over a tell him to fuck her, he dived straight in, she moaned as she came again, he was as long as me but much thicker more cum spilled from her pussy I reach in and turn the interior lights on and see another couple of firsts my wife is eating pussy and being fucked by another guy at the same time now she is in heaven, the guy pulls out after a minute and cums all over her belly, Dee leans in a starts licking her clean while my wife grabbed her ass cheeks and buries her face deeper in Dee's pussy, I call the next guy over and tell him to fuck her and to cum in Dees mouth not the pussy and to tell the other guys as well, meanwhile I feel my cock hardening again so I walk around and want to fuck Dee from behind while my wife is loving eating Dee, I lean in and say are you enjoying being fucked by these guys she screams yes and throws her face back into Dees pussy, I line my cock up to Dee's pussy and push it all the way in, she explodes all over my cock and balls and down to my wife's face l look over and the second guy is filling Dee's mouth the next guy moves in Dee grabs him and starts sucking and he blew straight away he moved away and number 4 comes over and slides it in my wife, I'm loving it Dee starts working my wife's clit with her tongue and they both cum again tightening their pussys around the cocks fucking them, I getting that feeling and am about to drop another load, I pull out of dee and put it in my wife's mouth and she takes it all moaning in extasy while Dee is squirting on her face and spraying me at the same time, I say to my wife are you ready to taste another guys cock and cum and she replies oh yes, I call the first guy over he has a halfa and I tell her to suck it till it's hard and put it in Dee's cunt when it's ready, she does as she is told with glee, I was spent I'd lost count of how many time I'd cum today and just enjoyed the show as both girls kept eating each other while they were being fucked and neither wasted a drop of cum and swallowed each of them twice, the guys were satisfied and left and so did we my wife sucked me all the way home while I told her about Karen sliding her arse around my cock and fucking me and swallowing me when I came earlier that day, she was so horny and couldn't sucking me in a frenzy

We arrived home I didn't cum, Dee pulls into the driveway behind us, my cock and balls are aching and I tell the wife to stop, she won't, Dee comes to the car door and I have to pull my wife's head away by pulling her hair, Dee tells us she has invited herself to stay the night as he husband and son are on night shift, my wife gets excited, Fuck I think their gunna kill me.