Written by Hubby

20 May 2016

Well my plain old housewife Sam is no longer the boring wife any more .

Jarrod had promised Sam that he would call around to check that the wardrobe was still working right .(see The previous stories)

Now off course , being the deviate that I am , I had loosened a couple of screws and sliders etc. to make sure Jarrod had something to stay and fix (besides my missus) .

I had had a beer with Jarrod the other afternoon after work and he had filled me in with all the details (he was not aware that I had left on my laptop camera and had viewed all most everything) .

Now Jarrod had pocketed Sam's dirty Knickers , and had told Sam he would be back ,and that he indeed would be having the odd wank with them ,as his missus is going through that cant be bothered about sex phase a lot of Wives seem to get , and some guys too .

Meanwhile Sam had been thinking about him coming back ( might have had something to do with me , continually reminding her by saying things like "oh what day is Jarrod coming round to look at the new robe ?)

I had tried to fuck my missus last night, as I was getting all hot about her getting fucked again , but Sam was having none of it.

That morning , whilst she was making breakfast and I was getting ready for work , I set up the lap top camera as before , put a few things in plain sight to get Jarrod in the mood ,( her sexiest knickers on the top of her undies basket which is in the new robe ) and I checked out our clothes hamper , next to the robe and pulled out her knickers from yesterday , wow is all I can say ,as the gusset was still wet and sticky as she wears them to bed and she has had a shower already , now I had not fucked her , so I reckon she must have been fingering herself last night ,thinking about Jarrod , I took a sniff then touched the gusset with my tongue , I was going to take them with me to work but decided to leave them for Jarrod to find and left them on top rolled up to retain the horny smell us guys just love to smell.

Well I went and had breakfast and as I sometimes do gabbed her on the bum and just managed to lift her loose skirt up , well fuck me if she hasn't got the sexiest lacy black g string on ( why is it when you girls want to get some cock , you almost always put on the black knickers , which of course shows the cum and mess so good ?) , I say to Sam " whats the special occasion then" to which she answers back " what do you mean?" , "the sexy black string ? "I said.

I managed to pull the string to one side as she pushes me away and her cunt is sopping wet ?? she says"you best be off to work then" to which I reply "oh isn't Jarrod coming around to fix the robe today ?" .

"Oh I think he is now you mention it " she says .

Ah! are those sexy knickers for Jarrod " don't be so silly" she says "and anyway last he was here I didn't have time to put any knickers on ".

"Well why don't you let him catch a glimpse of them by bending over or something ".

Sam says " your such a pervert , and you know I am not into that sort of thing "" now go to work".

Here is what the camera picks up and Jarrod retells me at a later date;

Around nine o'clock Sam comes into the shot and stands in front of the dressing table and is fluffing her hair , putting a touch of make up on, as she thinks I would know somethings up as She does not wear make-up around the house .

Then she takes of her top removes her bra (naughty bitch) puts her top back on . the rubs her nipples through the cloth and gets them all hard , looks in the mirror and smiles to herself ,then holds up her skirt does a pirouette in front of the mirror looks at her bum ( the string is separating her bum cheeks nicely) then turns back around still holding her skirt up she slides the front lacy panel to one side and wow! she has shaved her landing strip off and is admiring her pussy and smiling again , then she touches her clit , pulls her lips apart puts her knickers back in place and pulls the string up all the way between her pussy lips so as it just about disappears , she lifts her finger to her nose and inhales and just puts the tip of her tongue out to taste , and then drops her skirt and moves away out of shot .

After 10 minutes of nothing on the screen , Sam comes back into screen followed by Jarrod , who is checking out her bum ,

and Jarrod is just chatting normally , not mentioning the previous time he fucked her.

Sam is on edge and fiddly , whilst Jarrod starts sliding the doors to see how there running and says " seems to be a bit of adjustment needed Mrs Smith".

Sam says " oh its back to Mrs Smith is it ?"

"Oh that's up to you , I wasn't sure if maybe you were regretting what happened last time I was here, seeing as your married to one of my drinking friends " .

"Your right , things got out of hand and I should have put a stop to it " just then Jarrod sees a pair of pure white see through bikini panties laying on top where I had placed them to be spotted , and says " boy I love your sexy knickers , and Sam says ," did you do what you said you were going to do with the pair you took home last time ?"

"You mean your dirty wet knickers ? " " yes " she said back.

Jarrod says "what was I going to do , go on say it ".

Sam gets all embarrassed and whispers ," you know , have a wank " "oh I sure did while I was sniffing them as well".

Jarrod turns to face the camera with the door in his hands and he has a bulge sticking out front like the Eiffel tower.

Sam says " you like my knickers don't you ?" to which Jarrod says " they make me hard , look (pointing to his crotch) ".

Sam sits on the bed and says " what do you think of these " and lifts up her skirt , and opens her legs .

Jarrod leans the door on the wall next to the robe , looks down and there on top of the hamper are last nights sticky undies , to which he picks up walks over to Sam , and says " fuck your a horny bitch" , opens the gusset and sniffs them and says " you smell so good", Sam says "well come over here and smell my pussy , I think its wet ".

Jarrod pushes her legs up to her chest and the camera picks up, her cunt lips have doubled in size all angry pink and wet , cant see the string at all ,Jarrod sticks a finger in her then pulls the string to one side an notices no hair .

"Fuck you've shaved it bare", " I did it for you " she says .

"What did your ole man say when he saw it ", "oh he very rarely goes near me" she says .

Jarrod pulls the string off tastes it and smells it and then dives straight in and starts licking her very wet cunt , he grabs yesterdays dirty panties , sticks them under her nose and says " smell your horny cunt in these knickers , and realize what turns me on, Sam inhales her own aroma and closes her eyes and takes her top off and starts playing with her hard nipples , just as Jarrod is licking all around her bum-hole , Sam says " oh fuccck I'm going to cum " Jarrod sticks his tongue all the way in her tight little hole.

Sam reaches forward and unzips Jarrod and releases his super hard cock and strokes it , Jarrod grabs his cock and lines it up to her ass , puts two fingers in her cunt pulls them out all sloppy wet with her pussy juice and cum, rubs his fingers all over his cock and very slowly starts to push it in , Sam is saying " I don't do that " , "well I do says Jarrod , and with an ass like yours , and a cunt that smells so hot your getting my cock in your ass lady".

I notice Sam is sniffing her dirty panties harder as Jarrod pushes slowly in her ass , and Jarrod is sucking on the g string.

I in the mean time have wanked all over my lap top and desk .

after a little while Jarrod is stroking in and out , Sam is just taking it , flicking her nipple and sniffing her panties , Jarrod seems to make one big push and holds still then slips his cock out off her bum and pulls her cheeks apart whilst he watches his spunk dribble out . he reaches in to his shorts pocket pulls out his mobile phone and takes a picture of it, wow!

Jarrod grabs Sam's dirty bikini panties from her and wipes his cock on them and throws them back at her , then turns her over and says " suck my cock clean " ,"and if you can get me hard again I'm going fuck your cunt this time" .

My missus just about ate that cock to get it hard enough to stick it up her , she climbs on top still with her skirt on and puts his semi hard cock in her totally soaked cunt and rides him like the Devil possessed .

They fuck for ages , and then Jarrod Says" I'm going to come again where do you want it ?" " you can come in me or over me whatever you like " Jarrod pulls out and blows his spunk all over my wife's face , her hair and a bit dribbles on her tits

, Sam comes again just as his spunk lands on her face .

After lying and resting for a bit they start to get up and Sam looks like shes off to the bathroom , to which Jarrod says '" No , don't clean up down there put your G string back on , I wont you to coax your hubby into bed tonight and let him lick your dirty smelly cunt and that gorgeous ass of yours and let him smell that string and taste it then suck him off but don't let him fuck you , sit on his face or something .

Jarrod picks up the dirty bikini panties and again wipes his dirty cock on them and says " these are for you to remind you of my cock so don't wash them .

"I did not finish the wardrobe , and tell hubby I had to get some parts and"," I'll be back......