Written by hubby

4 Apr 2015

If you have read some of my history you will remember my straight laced wife . And the fact that if i can't get her to fuck around then i will.

I first met Margaret when she popped in to my work to buy a new car , well as i said once before if a woman want's to give out the signal that shes 'hot to trot' i am dam sure i will pick up on it .

so this is what i see , great tits in a very tight low cut top big cleavage and lacy red bra visible around the edges of the top ,very tight denim jeans with massive camel toe (i can't resist checking out a camel toe ) i figure if we can see the camel toe so can they !and then you might as well stare right at it and smile or better still lick your lips and send the message right back at em!. I did exactly that .

we got on well flirting and giving out innuendo's and the like .

She bought the car and delivery was arranged at her house the following night at her house as she had no way of coming to the dealership to pick it up ,and as i am married and need a excuse to be home late it all works (i would not get half the stray fucks i get if this was not part of my quality service ha ha )Paperwork done ,time for a quiet wine or two , we made idle chit chat with me mentally fucking her with my eyes (very effective i might add) after a while she blurts out "have i got please fuck me tattooed on my forehead" to which i said "no but you have it written all over you " i walk over to her chair and kiss her with a lot of wanton passion and she lifts up her dress and shows me her real sexy g string knickers ,reaching out to touch the puss she says we best go up stairs to the bedroom as she has nosy neighbors and lots of glass open windows as she lives on the lakeside waterfront .

As we are headed up the stairs i am lifting the back of her dress up and fingering a very ,very wet pussy .

In the bedroom i drop my trousers and undies and proudly show her my hard cock (i have a pretty fair sized member so i have been told) and she just stare's at it .

She thinks i want her to suck it ,or shove it in quickly but i have learn't to always pleasure the woman first and you will always get a better fuck .

so i take off her dress and bra and take time with the wet g string ,savoring the stickiness and holding it up to my nose and inhaling her horny aroma ,i say "i love a smelly pussy' and she gets all defensive and say's "my pussy does not smell" "no not in a bad way i say but a horny smell" then i proceed to go down and lick her pussy and she is wriggling about and having multiple orgasm's and i ask her how long since you have been fucked she says her husband only passed away recently and she thought that 45 was to old to go out dating and clubbing ETC.

we must have spent at least two hours just licking and fucking and after i had a shower and was ready to leave i wanted her dirty g string to take with me and have the odd wank over but she thought my wife might find it so i left without it .

Well over time i fucked Margaret many times on my rostered days off and on one day alone we spent from 10am till 3.30 pm in bed doing all the dirty things including her bum .

We would have naughty phone calls at my work with all my workmates listening on speaker phone to the filthy things that we would talk about .

I never had to take her out ,just ring up and ask her does she want to get fucked ,and she would ditch her girlfriends or whatever just to go to her place and fuck like rabbits .

One day after fucking her i wanted to wank all over her face something my wife will absolutely refuse ,so she let me while i was sniffing her g string , Margaret was stunned at how naughty sex could be as her dear departed hubby was very ordinary in bed as he was a respectable dentist and she just thought that was how sex was .

We fucked this way for over a year and a half ,and one of my depraved work mates wanted to fuck her with me and i very nearly got that to happen ,i was fucking her doggy style and rubbing my finger around her bum hole and lightly pushing it in (i have been in it before so there was no resistance) when i said"would you like this to be another real hard young cock ?" and she paused and said " what do you mean " i answered "my mate at work thinks you are a MILF i told him you were a widow and he says he'd still like to do you !

I asked her did she ever fuck two guys at once and she said way back in nurses college she got stoned and fucked two guys once but one after the other not at once .

so we had a real dirty fuck ,i also licked her asshole and she went over the top .

But before i could set it up she met a older man who was visiting from UK for a rugby tour and ended up going back to UK with him to marry him ,and later she called me for a dirty phone call and told me he was boring in bed and she missed the hot sex but had to take the opportunity ,i said he probably hasn't fucked a woman like you that just loves sex so much and was not going to let you slip by .

So Margaret if your out there in the big UK i'm here with my cock all hard remembering your smelly wet pussy and your hot naughty wet g strings .

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