Written by OMG

22 Jun 2017

Where do I start....

My wife works for a late 40's blonde businesswoman who is very proper and professional in every sense of the word. G is what ill call her. G is a divorcee who has a boyfriend and we do socialise as couples for the normal dinner and drinks type thing on occasions. I always looked at her and thought about how her sexual prowess showed to me on the occasional glance between drinks or hug. I will admit she has been the object of sexual fantasy after the occasional downblouse or passing bodily rub when wanking myself. But I have always refrained from being forward in these areas.

G isn't the milf that everyone wants more the well kept mother of 2 that when you get to know her would probably fuck you six ways from Sunday type.

My sexual fascination was definitely there but when got to the subject of sex as a group conversation her attitude was more like she wasn't interested in sex at all. Didn't stop me having a perv anyway.

I received a call from my wife on morning asking me to drop around to G's to pick up some paperwork and look at a job she needed sorted later that day. I rang her we organised to meet and that was it as far as I thought.

When I arrived G's car was there and I went in through the door at the side nearest the office as she works at home. I couldn't put my finger on it but it felt different. Exciting. Horny.

The next thing I heard was a definite sexual moan......then again. My pulse and pants started rising at the thought G was getting off or being fucked and wanted to see. walked up the hall and there she was on a lounge in the "muster room"as they call it with her pants past her knees and rubbing a shaved pussy that looked dripping wet. My wet dreams had come true! there is the Older woman I fantasized about so many times rubbing the pussy of my perverted dreams there in front of me.

Stupid me couldn't control my excitement and involuntarily coughed. G sat up and tried to cover her wet pussy with her hand but we both knew I got a good eyeful before she succeeded. She was truly embarrassed. Her face went red and she couldn't apologize enough. But she was noticing the roaring Hardon in my pants. Looking more than a couple of times.

I told her that I would never say a word as she pulled her pants up and I made sure I was getting every second of the view.

It was then her whole attitude changed and asked if she was making me horny. all I could reply was "fucking oath G. I have smashed my cock so many times over you and now I just want to fuck Your brains out."

She laughed and said that she would take that as a compliment and reached forward and grabbed my cock. the next thing she said was "As long as you don't say anything. I will fuck your brains out........ deal?"

This woman is the best fuck I have ever had........