Written by mrs naughty

27 Dec 2016

We have had the cottage at the back of our small farm rented to so workers that fly in for 3 weeks and are away for 1 in between. The young guys are quiet and respectable and very hot. Especially one young man named Shawn. I do daily cleans as part of the deal and have learnt a lot about these guys as I have cleaned their rooms.

The story starts a few weeks ago when I was tidying shawns room and found a few magazines about mature women. and a lot of tissues that have been used. he was 10 years younger than me and I started fantasizing about him stroking his cock over older women like me to the point I cum playing with myself on his bed.

I couldn't get it out of my head over the next few days and I took my frustrations out on my husband a few times thinking about that young hard cock.

one morning as I was getting out of the shower I saw him walking up the path towards the house. This was my opportunity to see if he fancied me as an older woman and put my cotton nightie back on with nothing underneath. it was short but not too short but has a split up both sides and if I was too bend too far forward you can see down it and up it depending on the end you are. I felt myself getting wet as I opened the door to him standing there.

I saw him look me up and down straight away as he explained he was paying the rent before he goes on leave tomorrow. I couldn't help it and bent forward to push some shoes that were in the doorway aside and caught him catching a glimpse then look away quickly.

He followed me into the study where I print the receipt for him as usual but this time instead of sitting I bent forward over the chair to do it. he didn't realize I could see his refection on the screen and he was looking straight at my bum. then he moved to the side where I knew he was going to get a better view of my panty less butt and pussy which was wet as by this time. I could se him rearranging his crotch as I fumbled with keyboard knowing he was getting hard with the little show I was putting on. He knelt down playing with his shoelace and looking up getting a good view of my pussy. As turned on as I was I didn't let on that I knew what he was doing.

I finally printed the receipt and gave it too him. he was very flushed looking and had a boner but i made out that I didn't notice and we said our farewells as reminded him I would be down in a short while for the clean. He smiled and told me all the boys are still on shift and he is the only one home so i can do it with out any interruptions.

This made hornier than I have ever been before. Watching him walk away with an erection I caused. Today is going to fun.