24 Jul 2019

Hi all. This story is 100% factual. It actually happened a while back. To protect confidences, I will call her Brid. Sometime ago, I had too much spare cash. I was working as a Contract Project Manager, on over $300,000; hence the cash. I was living in a farm house about 40k out of town; paying fuck all rent. My overheads were very low. Because I was out of town, I went naked everywhere (It was summer!). A frequent habit was to party at night and order a girl from the local for an hour or two. [I'm going to have to check myself, or this will be another 50 min read].

Anyway, there was this one girl. They advertised her as "late 40's". Although she had a great body, I knew she was older. I would get her for 2 hours. We would drink and party, for half an hour. Fuck for an hour; then party again. One central reason I enjoyed having the girls over was the company; without the bull shit and all the work. Brid was better than the younger ones. After 3 or 4 visits, she gave me her mobile number and told me her real name. We started seeing each other privately. She lived about 3 hours away. I would go there Friday night and usually stay until Sunday afternoon. I found out she was 65!!!! Nearly 20 years older than me! What a woman.

Interestingly, she wasn't as experienced as you may think. She had only started "working" in her early 50's, after a marriage break up. Like me, she was a late bloomer. That was one thing we connected on. Oh, she had all the toys, liked anal and all the usual stuff. But she had not watched much porn; hadn't explored her bi side; had never squirted etc... I, on the other hand, had fast tracked my experiences of such things, over the previous so many years; since my own divorce. I had basically "Gone abroad and explored my own sexuality". I had tried most all my fantasies, determined what I liked and what I didn't (Which was a scant few, if any). She had not done this. She had simply worked and played by herself at home. She told me "working" was not that great.

There had been one time I had visited the local in town, for an in-house session. This girl was French, about 35 and hot, hot, hot! It was a one time thing. I discovered she and Brid were good friends. Frenchy lived in the big smoke and would get hired to work the country, every so often. She was talking with Brid about permanently relocating and living with Brid. Brid wanted my opinion. Now the story begins.


It was mid week. I'm on the phone to Brid. "Frenchy is getting needy about staying with me". "What do you mean?" "She is putting pressure on me. I'm not sure about it. I'm so happy on my own. I've got my house all sorted." "But you've got the downstairs area, which is fully self-contained?" "I know, but she has two dogs" "There's a door to the backyard from her bedroom. Set some house rules". She pauses. "Hmmmmm. You are probably right." "Hey. Why don't you invite her for the weekend and give it a trial? Tell her straight. Tell her your hesitations." She does just that. It is confirmed. It so happened, I was also going to be there.

I arrived at beer o'clock. Brid and Frenchy are out the back, sitting on the balcony, drinking champagne. It had been 3-4 months since I had seen Frenchy. I didn't think she would remember me. I put my shit in Brid's bedroom, put my grog in the fridge, grab a beer and head to the balcony. "Hey guys.." Brid is on her feet. She greets me with a huge smack on the lips and an arse pinch to my right cheek. Frenchy is looking at me, then recognition. She gives me a full body look; up and down; twice. "Hi Ade". She rises. We hug and give each other the Euro double cheek kiss. Perfect!

I join them and we chat. It seemed they were getting on ok. The dogs were in the backyard. They had talked it all through. Frenchy understood it was a trial. Brid went inside and returned with a sheet of paper. She had written a few house rules. They had both signed and dated it. Awesome. I was so proud of them.

There was no mention of the "Industry". There was no need. We were existing in that space as individuals; people with commonality. We liked a drink. We all smoked. We obviously liked sex; but, so far, there had been no mention of it; zilch.

Brid moved her chair closer to mine and placed her hand on my thigh. It was an automatic reflex. She had always done it. Frenchy looked down. Brid had moved her hand to my cock. This was also par for the course; routine. Neither of us gave it a second thought. But Frenchy did. She was struggling not to stare. In the whole conversation about Frenchy, threesomes had not been discussed. Of course, it had entered MY head. But I had kept those feelings to myself. I had no idea whether Brid had considered it. The world outside is different.

Reader - this was a while back. My experiences have moved considerably since then,

We kept chatting and drinking. We had put music on. There were nibbles. We were starting to let our hair down. Frenchy was getting flirty. Brid heads inside to the loo. I excuse myself and follow her. She is in there for a while. I hear the toilet flush about 6 times and the tap run over and over. When she finally comes out, she sees me. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. I need a chat" "I know where you are going. I know we are going to play with Frenchy. It is obvious. Just please don't let US wither.." Her face tells me everything I need to know. She is concerned about me wanting Frenchy more than her. "Hey babe. " I take her in my arms. "Don't do anything, if you are unsure". She stiffens and pushed me to arm's length "I just douched my arse. Fuck! I want this. I know this weekend is when you are going to show me those things we talked about on the phone..."

Back outside, Frenchy was getting anxious: "Are you two ok?" We both smile. Brid gets up, grabbing Frenchy's hands and pulls her to her feet. She wraps her arms around her and whispers something into her ear. Frenchy laughs; a mixture of nervous and excitement. She returns the hug and disappears inside. Frenchy is gone for 10 minutes.

We eat. The wine and champagne is flowing. Brid puts one of her very old-fashioned porn DVD's, on the wide-screen. (Brid doesn't even know how to use google!). It is one of those movies that has chapters. A list at the start of the actors. Not bad. I had seen it before. Frenchy is glued to it. The three of us grab our drinks, our smokes, ashtrays and retire to the couch to watch. I am on the right hand side. Frenchy is in the middle. Brid on the left. That is just how we always sat, because I used the right side table; Brid used the left. We usually fucked on the couch, in front of the screen. This time, we had Frenchy in the middle of the sandwich. Frenchy chose to use my table for her ashtray. This meant she had to lean over me each time. It was clear she was deliberately letting her boobs rub over my legs.

Now I will describe them both. It is easy this time; because I can still see them clearly in my mind.

Brid had dyed hair - blonde and thick; shoulder length. Very athletic body. C Cup boobs, that hung, with healthy nipples that pointed down a little. Great arse. Great thighs. Very clean skin. Waxed everywhere. Neck skin wrinkled. Blue eyes. Thick lips and healthy sized mouth. Lovely.

Frenchy had long dark hair, below the shoulder. A beautiful face, with high cheek bones; full lips; brown, large eyes. Her arms and legs were all muscle. Her bum was medium and muscle. The rest of her was interesting. She had been very overweight a few years earlier, when she lived in Paris. Since coming to Australia, she had lost it all; except for the skin. Her boobs had very little form. They hung from her chest. Lovely nipples. She had a small bean bag of loose skin around her abdomen. A hybrid. Her pussy was typical of a 30 something year old. Lovely, clean, shaved; all that. Her skin was olive oil perfect.


We keep watching and partying. I could feel the tension growing. It was different. Not like when it was just Brid and I, alone. Frenchy had added a whole new level of spice. Fuck this! I stood up and started undressing. Shirt. Pants. Socks; then jocks. I turn around and grasp my cock in my hand. "Well?". Frenchy already has her top off and is struggling to get her pants off. Brid is already naked and is touching herself, watching me. Oh Fuck!!! Frenchy gets all her gear off then waits.

When everyone is naked. Things change. The room changes. Everything changes. We admire each other. "I need a drink" I state. I go to the fridge and open another bottle of wine. I'm pacing myself. I'm sending them both a message: to be patient. My cock is not playing game (HARD); but I ignore him. As I pour my wine, I look back. Brid is kissing Frenchy; properly. Oh, how sexy. I know, at least Brid is in uncharted territory. Or maybe not. Who cares. I go back.

I sit next to them and light another smoke. They are still kissing. They are starting to feel each other. Such a turn on for me. I lay back and watch. Brid takes Frenchy's nipple into her mouth. Frenchy leans her head back and moans. I can see her pussy is starting to leak. A cue. I put down my drink. I get closer and move my head down. I grasp her thighs and spread them. I place my mouth onto her pussy. I start to lick and suck. Oh... yum... such a wonderful taste. I remember her now. I made her cum at 11.30am on a Sunday morning. She was not happy at the time. Happy now. I go harder.

I feel a hand on my cock. It is Brid. They unwind from each other. "Stand up" I obey. They both get on their knees. Brid takes me into her mouth. Frenchy starts licking the base of my cock, then my balls. Oh, my. So hot! The DVD had finished. Who cares! I do. I pull away. "Where are your DVDs?" Brid answers "In the drawer". I find another and change it out. Need another drink. Back to the fridge. The girls sit back on the couch. An interval.

They started chatting. "Have you ever squirted?" Brid to Frenchy. "No. I've heard about it". Hmmmmm. I get my phone. "Watch this". I find a vid and let them watch. It is the world squirting championships. Two chicks, against one-another. Perhaps too much too soon, I'm thinking. I find another. This was a normal one. Just plain anal squirt. They both watch in amazement. "Is that real?" from Frenchy. "Apparently" from Brid. If there was ever a red rag to a bull, this was it.

Which one first? Who was more relaxed? Fucked if I knew. Probably Brid. "Brid?" "Yes" "Lay back". She obeys. "Frenchy?" "Yes" "Watch". I get the lube. I cover Brid's pussy and arse. I insert three fingers into her pussy; find her urethral sponge and then that area just past it. I spike my fingers so they are digging in and penetrating. I start the movements. "Frenchy?" "Yes" "Touch her clit" She obeys. I start the motion. It is a process. Over and over; slowly building. I feel Brid's sponge filling up. "I need to pee!" "No. Stay with it, please. Relax. It isn't pee. Trust me". She tries again. I go harder.

I'm now fucking Brid's sponge with my spike. She is having orgasms. Frenchy is rubbing her clit as fast as me. Brid convulses. "I NEED TO PEE!!!"" "No". I reply, "LET IT GO!" Another minute and she explodes. A lovely healthy squirt. I immediately pull out my fingers and insert them into her arse. "Rub her pussy hard" to Frenchy. She obeys. Brid squirts again; this time further and harder. She is convulsing and screaming. "I want this" from Frenchy. We stop. Brid is spent. She stays on the couch. Frenchy and I go outside, to the balcony. "I loved it when you visited me. You made me cum twice on a Sunday morning. I wasn't happy" I remembered. I had done it deliberately.

"So, what's your story" I ask. She hesitates and thinks. "I like it here. I like Brid. I need to get a life." She chuffs, but I can see she is disturbed. Obviously more to her. "Do you want to tell me about it?" She slows and thinks. "I guess, yes". Then she unloads. A lifetime of ups and downs. Abuse. Bad relationships. An hour and a half of spilling. Fuck! Now I was spent, listening. This girl had fucking issues. I wasn't sure I wanted to go any further. But I liked her. "Hey, let's check on Brid" We went inside. Brid had not moved. She was still on the couch. I took her in my arms and carried her to her bedroom. Once I had her in her bed and covered; I returned to the kitchen. Frenchy was waiting.

"I like you". I'm not sure. What now? I get a wine. She remains standing, watching me. I'm feeling a little controlled now. I don't like that, unless it is consensual. I knew this was a tipping point. Who was going to be the controller? Her or me? Did I have the energy? Did I care? I looked back at her. At her face; her eyes. YEP.

"I like you too. Come here". She obeys. "Kneel" She obeys. I take my cock and insert him into her mouth. She grabs him with her hands and directs. I start to harden. The feel of her mouth is awesome. I hold her head with my hands, but not aggressively. I hate that. I don't do that. I'm a lover. I caress her cheeks as she sucks me. I want to please her now. I pull out. "Lets go to the bedroom"

We head downstairs to her bedroom (trial). On with the light. On the bed. I take her into my arms. I'm feeling romantic. I get like that sometimes. We lay face to face. We have lovely eye contact. We kiss. We really kiss. We engulf each other. Out tongues have merged together. Our bodies are moving together. She is so hot underneath me. My cock is about to explode. I try to ignore him. Not easy. I pull back and look into her beautiful big brown eyes. She is giving me the look. Hmmmm. I whisper to her "What would you like me to do?" "Love me". Her eyes say it all. I pull her even closer. Our bodies are touching everywhere. I know this is different. I feel different.

My emotions take over. I choke up. Her "What? Are you ok?" I bury my head between her boobs. Such a safe place. I hold her. "You have got inside my safe zone" I tell her. She holds me tighter "Good" She replies. "Ade?" "Yes" "I want you to make love to me". I move back up to her. I take her head in my hands and kiss her. I spread her legs and move over her. I guide my cock into her. He penetrates. I hold my weight with my knees and elbows, holding her head between my hands as I kiss her and look into her eyes. She starts to orgasm. Her look is angelic. She is thrusting upwards with her hips, trying to get more of me. I return by thrusting harder. My orgasm starts. She knows it. She has more. I thrust harder. Our eyes are glued to each other as we both ejaculate together. As I spray my sperm into her vagina, she squirts and squirts all over. It passes. We lay in each other's arms, spent.

"Thank you". I let her have her moment, not saying anything.

The next morning. We all had a laugh. Nothing was mentioned about the previous night. I still keep in touch with them. But we have all moved on.