21 Feb 2017

She started off as a receptionist for the group of companies I worked for. Cute, slim dirty blonde hair, small pert breasts and a fine set of legs. Laurie was chatty but young and while I liked them younger she was probably just 17. We became friendly, that wasn’t unusual; always better to be in before the crowd. I remember her walking through the office one day, smart but sexily dressed and watching heads turn to watch her. I pointed out to a few of them her age, partly to put them off but in reality I wasn’t intending for anything to happen.

My company was very social with regular nights out and plenty happened especially with the vast amounts of free booze on offer. Laurie started to train as a PA with my company and I’d always look after Laurie and she’d often mention to others I was like her big brother. A few years passed and it was a big anniversary party for the company, it was fancy dress and the company had booked a hotel for the night so nobody had to drive home from the venue. After a few drinks in the afternoon we headed to our rooms to change into our fancy dress outfits. Everyone had made a huge effort and Laurie was no exception dressed in a sexy school girl outfit, white shirt unbuttoned to show some cleavage, short black mini skirt and black suspenders leaving little to the imagination. I complimented her on her outfit, telling her she looked hot and she gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. I must admit I could feel a stir in my groin and thought how I’d love to get between those amazing legs of hers.

There was no shortage of attractive females in the company and with some revealing outfits there was certainly plenty to look at. As the night progressed we all got hammered and Laurie and another colleague Kirsty (a stunning brunette) were certainly enjoying the attention, dancing, doing shots and flirting. I ended up sitting outside talking to a rather boring but attention seeking colleague who I hadn’t much time for. Laurie knew I wasn’t a fan and stuck her head around the corner and motioned for me to join her. I excused myself claiming I needed the toilet and went to find Laurie sitting on a step with nobody else around. As I approached I noticed that her skirt was short enough that I could see right up it and see her black lacy knickers. I felt another tinge between my legs and sat down next to her. We started chatting and agreed how much fun we were having. I asked if she was getting hit on by any of the guys and she laughed and said a few but that she wasn’t interested. When I asked why not she didn’t give much of an answer. I told her she looked so sexy she could have the choice of men and she blushed a little. She asked why I was single and I explained I was enjoying myself without committing to anyone at the time after a few long relationships. She put her hand on my knee and said “Just like me”. We laughed and I put my arm around her and gave her a hug. She responded and hugged me back.

I knew this was my chance if there was to be one so I turned and gave her a kiss on the lips, she kissed me back and my heart beat increased. Our tongues started darting into each others mouths as we kissed passionately and I ran my hand gently up her leg. I grabbed her hand and said we should find somewhere a little more discreet, she followed holding my hand as we found a darkened corner away from the party. I pulled her towards me and we started to explore each others mouths once more. After a few minutes I put my hand up her shirt and started to caress her small breasts, her nipples hardened and she moaned in pleasure. I then gradually unbuttoned her shirt further and unclipped her bra, taking a nipple in my mouth and sucking on it, darting my tongue gently around it. I could tell Laurie was enjoying this by the noises she was making. I moved my other hand from her breast and pushed up what little of her mini skirt was in the way. I reached her knickers to find them wet and started to rub her pussy through the lace. She moaned again as we continued to kiss.

She was electric we were all over each other and she started to pull my costume pants down forcing her hand inside my boxer shorts. My penis was already half way there and the caress of her hands soon had it standing to attention. She fondled my balls and I slipped a finger into her knickers and began to rub her clit. She started to wank me slowly and I could really feel the blood pumping through my penis. I kissed her neck while I darted a finger into her wet pussy. Fuck she was hot. We played with each other for a while then I pushed her skirt up around her waist and removed her sexy black knickers. She was still wearing her heals and I could see her hairless pussy glistening in the moonlight, what a sight. She remained standing and I pulled her closer as I sat & started to work my tongue around her clit, tasting her at the same time. She began to moan louder and I used a combination of thumb and tongue to bring her close to orgasm. I hastily removed my pants and boxers and motioned for her to lie down on the grass. I gently pushed her knees apart and admired her pussy once again. I continued rubbing her clit with one hand while holding my cock in the other. I then rubbed my cock up and down the outside of her pussy, coating my cock in her juices, I then slowly pushed the head inside as she gasped and I could feel her moist warmth tingling on my cock.

I pushed in further and leaned forward and began kissing her letting my tongue explore her mouth. She felt great, this was my lucky night. I increased the tempo and she began to thrash around moaning loudly in enjoyment. By now I was pumping in and out of her at a fast pace, thinking to myself how wonderful her tight little pussy was. I started sucking a nipple which drove her even more crazy and eventually she tensed up as she reached orgasm. She let out a scream as she orgasmed. I smiled and with my arms lifted her legs upwards to change position pumping my cock deep inside her as she tried to regain her breath. I eventually pulled my cock out of her and asked her to get on her hands and knees. Parting her cheeks I began to fuck her doggy style as fast as I could, she was crying out “yes yes harder harder”, this girl was a lot of fun. With both hands on her hips I slowed the pace a little as my heart was pounding and breathing heavy. She started to push in rhythm with me and I kissed her neck which also sent her even more crazy. I then rolled onto my back and she climbed on top of me shoving my cock back inside her, I smiled as she bounced up and down on my cock enjoying herself and getting me ever closer to coming. I tried rubbing her clit but she pushed my hand away telling me she was enjoying herself enough. I could have shifted positions again and bought some more time but I was ready to come and I nodded to her saying “I’m going to come” she lowered herself onto my cock one more time then climbed off and started to wank my cock while shoving it into her mouth. Her tongue explored my cock momentarily and then my cock exploded in a huge orgasm that ripped through my body, the look on her face was a great sight, but one of surprise, as she puzzled the thought of swallowing. After a few seconds she swallowed my load and continued sucking me dry.

I lay there for a few seconds; “Wow” I said, “I wasn’t expecting that”. “Well” she said, “It was a long time in the making” as she pulled her skirt back down and buttoned her shirt, handing me her bra and knickers, which I stuffed in my pocket. We sat for a few minutes getting our breaths back then headed back inside hoping nobody had noticed us missing. Laurie headed to the toilets to retouch her makeup. We then hit the dance floor, me in the full knowledge that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Later that evening when the bar staff had gone, leaving us an ample drinks trolley I winked at Laurie and asked her to follow me. I pulled her into a cloakroom and started kissing her again, I soon had her bent over a table hitched up her skirt and whispered “second time tonight Miss Laurie” but that’s another story.