Written by photo_study

14 Dec 2011

As previously written here by Viperrix (VR), we'd had two previous episodes of fun with him. The first was a car park flash by Mrs PS, and the second was two parts - firstly where I (Mr PS) photographed and VR video taped Mrs PS flashing traffic from a freeway overpass, followed by a picnic area repeat for one set of photos, then VR put down the video camera and joined in the fun for another set of photos.

We'd talked about other ideas, and one that Mrs PS came up with was for the three of us to go to a shopping centre, and then all three to go into a change room in a department store where VR and I could watch her stripping nude and then trying on sexy lingerie. Well, we put that into practice in a slightly modified format. Mrs PS was dressed in a short denim skirt (no knickers – she never wears them except modelling for photos) and a low cut top that nicely showed off her cleavage. First of all Mrs and I went up and escalator, with VR staying around the bottom so he could get a view up her skirt as we rode up the elevator. We were more limited than expected because we were now looking for security cameras, and saw more around than we'd ever noticed before. VR and I lingered outside one shop while Mrs PS went in to browse. Near a clothing rack at the front of the store she then squatted down to look at a low placed item, and spread her legs for us to see her bare smooth pussy. She's had laser down there, so is fully nice a hair free all the time - I love it!! It's how all pussies should be! We then found another escalator and this time she rode it alone, with VR and I taking up different positions at the bottom end to get a view up her skirt. Part way up she did a really nice bend forward at the hips, pretending to adjust her shoe strap. We had an awesome view of her pussy and butt poking out under her short skirt. We were fairly early, and most shops not yet open, so we decided to go and get a coffee. Once we had our drinks, we sat at a table. Mrs PS of course set herself up so that VR could get a nice view up her skirt. Soon more stores opened, and we went to a large department store. VR picked out some clothes to try on, and separately I did the same. Mrs was with me, and we entered the change room area 30 seconds after VR. Mrs went into the same one as VR, while I took one opposite. I had a video camera in the pocket of my cammo cargo pants, the intention was to try to video them stripping each other. Unfortunately with configuration of the rooms, and proximity of a few sales people, this didn't go quite to plan - I only managed a few seconds of recording, but Mrs and VR did strip each other totally naked. Once nude, he squatted down briefly to lick my wife's smooth bare pussy. I was able to watch while they had a brief fondle, but we decided we should get out before getting caught. On the way back to the cars Mrs managed a few more quick flashes. But we also decided that we all still had plenty of time, so agreed to go back to the picnic area for another photo shoot. On the way back down the freeway to the relevant turn off there were a number of trucks driving along. As we slowly passed one I suggested to Mrs that she should flash the driver. Previously she'd been a bit shy with this, and had simply sat topless in the front seat, but didn't look at the driver. Obviously turned on and a bit relaxed by the morning nudity in front of VR, she agreed to flash him. A little to my surprise, as we pulled up beside the truck cab, she looked up at the driver, who looked back, and watched in delight as she lifted her top and flashed her boobs for him for 4 or 5 seconds. Apparently he had a huge smile on his face. He also blew a long toot on the air horns. When we got to the picnic area VR asked “did you flash that truck”? When we laughed and said yes and told him how it occurred, he replied “I knew you must have cos I heard his air horn”. We then moved on to the second part of the day. But that's another story ... coming soon.