Written by New_at_this

29 Jun 2014

It was already midnight, Derek and I had been out for dinner with Jacquie and her husband Anthony, and we'd been doing shots since we got back to our place. We braved the cold and headed out to the jacuzzi with our drinks, stripping off at the edge and getting in as fast as we could to the warm swirling water. I'd hadn't been in such close proximity to naked bodies other than Derek in the 13 years we've been married, it was kind of intoxicating even while the conversation stayed fairly ordinary.

Overheating a little, I decided to clamber over into the pool which was only registering 12oC, God knows what possessed me (must have been the alcohol) but soon Derek and the others were doing the same, a quick dip in and then back to the spa which felt scalding on naked 12oC skin. The last person to go in was Jacquie, and I stood up to help her back over the wall into the warm water. I knew when we stood up that the light from the house was illuminating my whole body, and Jacquie's, and it excited me to think that Derek knew that Anthony would be seeing my tits, my arse. Our bodies brushed together as I helped Jacquie back in. Anthony made a comment about surviving the cold just by thinking about boob on boob, and Jacquie didn't let me go as we sank under the water. I whispered in her ear 'He's getting all sorts of ideas now' and I heard her sharp intake of breath so I left my lips near her ear and gently kissed her neck before letting her go.

We lay with our heads resting on the edge of the spa and underwater her hands were stroking up and down my body, across my belly and breasts, teasing my nipples. I started doing the same, enjoying the feel of her softness, caressing her curves, belly, tits, and arse. Neither of us are overweight, but we've both had children so we have women's bodies, curves in the right places, soft and sensual,. The men had gone very quiet, kind of aware of what was happening but not daring to believe it. I raised my head to Jacquie and she started to move her face towards mine, and then we were kissing passionately, my hands alternating holding her face or stroking her body, her hands all over me, feeling my tits, stroking around my arse and teasing the edges of my bare pussy. I ran my hand down her stomach and over the small patch of crinkly hair on the front of her pussy. She opened her legs slightly so I slipped one finger down into her pussy lips and found her clit, I could feel my finger sliding on her juices in contrast with the water. I slid my finger into her and bent it forwards, enjoying feeling the different textures inside her cunt, all the time we were kissing each others faces or breasts, and she started grinding a little on my hand. I felt Derek's hands stroking my legs and arse from behind, Jacquie's hands in my hair and on my breasts, Derek's fingers creeping up and stroking my smooth pussy lips and clit while I rubbed Jacquie's clit with my thumb. Anthony was watching very closely as we shifted position, still kissing, Jacquie started grinding her pussy on my thigh and her other hand teased at my clit, almost nervously.

I spun Jacquie around so i was directly in front of her, placed my hands on her arse and lifted her body so she was laying across the surface of the water, the light playing off her breasts and stomach, I could see her cunt right in front of me and I just wanted to lick it so bad. I buried my face in her pussy, there was no hair on the bits that counted and it felt so good licking and sucking her clit. I wished we weren't in the water so i could taste her. Derek and Anthony were still very quietly watching (like they didn't want to break the spell) and I ate Jacquie out for a few minutes while her breathing got heavier and her hand entwined in my hair. I had to keep coming up for air because whenever I pushed down on her with my tongue she would dip back under the water and I couldn't breathe. I desperately wanted one of the guys (either would do!) to fuck me from behind while I munched on Jacquie's cunt but just then a pair of possums ran across the top of the fence and startled us.

By now it was nearly 3am and we were all a little waterlogged, plus Jacquie and Anthony had to head home and let the babysitter go, so reluctantly we got out of the spa and dried ourselves off. The spell was broken and we chatted comfortably while waiting for their cab, but I was so horny after all the touching and excitement that i couldn't wait for them to go so that Derek and I could go and finish each other off, since it didn't look like we were going to continue together out of the water.

Derek and I had spoken over the years being curious about a swinging lifestyle, but always with reservations, and never acted on it, mostly just used the idea in our fantasies. I'd also had conversations with Jacquie a few months back about wanting to spice up our respective sex lives. I'm really hoping that this might be the answer... and the beginning of a lifestyle change, with many more horny times to come, as I'm dying to take it to the next level with our friends.