Written by gregparry

14 Jul 2012

This one time, on holiday on the Gold Coast. I was out with my brother having some drinks and just talking nonsense as per usual. We had met some guys where we were staying that it turned out lived around the corner from us in Melbourne but had since moved to the GC. Anyway they were out this night as well and called me to see if we wanted to meet up with them, which we did as they were hooked up at this cool little bar around the corner from where we were already drinking.

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived there so we jumped straight in to the antics of the night. There weren't too many people around so we practically had the run of the place dancing around with the few girls that were there. I was having a great time dancing with a gorgeous blonde who was extremely flirty. The main guy I was friends with, let's call him A also had his eye on her so I wasn't really going for gold so to speak. As the bar was closing it was decided that we would head back to A's apartment for a few more drinks. I totally had plans on hooking up with the Blonde, let's call her C. She was definitely the most attractive out of the 3 girls that came back to A's place. Very fit little frame, blue eyes and an amazing smile. A did his best to keep us apart making sure we went in separate cabs and introducing me to all his other friends. Needless to say we both had worked out that we wanted each other so we were scheming how we could get out of the party and back to her place, in the mean time have the odd cheeky kiss in the hallway or bathroom.

It was decided, I was going to leave first head downstairs and wait 15 minutes or so for her. About 15 minutes later she came downstairs and we jumped in a cab where the conversation started about the fake tan she had just received earlier that night from her friend. She was very proud of it and proceeded to show me just how good it was by lifting up her already very short skirt and slipping her white knickers to the side so I could see her natural skin colour....well what a way to get turned on in the cab, part of her right pussy lip slipped out the side and she giggled and threw me a very cheeky look and said 'pretty good isn't it?'.....ahhh 'yup, very impressive'. Fortunately, she didn't live very far away and by the time we arrived at her place the sun was starting to come up. We were both exhausted and walking in to her room literally ripped each others clothes off and kissing wildly while I was furiously fingering her super wet pussy, she had a very tight grip on my cock. I lay her down on the bed grab a fist full of her as she lay right down and slid my cock deep into her wet pussy and grinding against her swollen clit. I grabbed her legs and put her feet on my chest as I arched my back and pushed in as deeply as I could. We were fucking feverishly and the pressure was mounting, I had to cum and asked her where I should cum and she just grabbed my arse pulling me in tight yelling 'cum, cum, cum, cum...'. That's all it took and I started shooting deep inside her, being so tired I found it hard to keep pumping and slumped down on the bed. We both feel asleep almost instantly.

A few hours later we both woke up and I was looking around for my clothes and she asked if I wanted to go for a walk down her street to the river. Why not, what else was I going to do. So I put on my clothes from the night before and she slipped on a skirt, g string and singlet top and we walked down the street. There were some serious mansions in the cul de sac on Chevron Island and there were a couple of houses very busy with builders. In the middle of this an over sized roundabout it was almost like a park with a couple of tables and a low brick garden type of thing. Now C was still looking great despite the massive night and lack of sleep so we decided to lie down on the ground next to this little garden in the middle of our over sized roundabout and C promptly pulled out my cock and started pulling it and I took offer her gstring and she guided me in, she was very wet with all the excitement of taking my cock in broad daylight with all these houses and tradies nearby. I slipped straight in and could feel my cum from a few hours earlier still in her and oozing our down her but cheek as I was sliding in and out of tight lips. Every now and again a car or ute would drive past us and we would pause and slowly get back in to it with a few gently thrusts followed by some hard pumps. The excitement was too much for me and I started cumming again inside her filling her up as much as I could. As I pulled out I could feel both our juices dripping off my knob and shaft and could see the rest oozing out down the inside of her butt crack.

I picked up her gstring offering it to her but she said I could keep it so I put it in my back pocket and we walked back to her apartment where we both had a shower, paying attention to each others well fucked sexy bodies.

We exchanged numbers but never ended up catching up but that wild night still brings a cheeky grin to my face.