Written by whatananimal

2 Jan 2011

After telling some dogging friends about this the other night, they said, "You so gotta write that story up!" So, here I am. Never thought this shit would ever really happen, but it did!

A couple of months ago, I got chatting online with a woman (lets call her Jenny) who was pissed at the lack of "decent" men who would follow thru and meet for casual, NSA fun. We exchanged MSN names, then later mobile numbers. Jenny was very nervous about meeting for the first time, wanted to make sure it was public, have some drinks, see how we gelled. Very understandable. A number of times that we chatted, but despite being pissed and horny, we didnt get round to meeting up. Lots of chat happened over the weeks. It was made more difficult by distance and transport. She lives nearly an hour away from me, and these days I only have a motorbike (although I occasionally borrow families/friends cars). On top of this, we both live in share houses, and were not nuts about hosting fun with them around.

This disorganised stalemate could have gone on for ages!

Then on Boxing Day night (ok, 3 in the morning actually), Im lying in bed reading, about to got to sleep, when a message comes thru on my phone. "U still awake?"


"Maybe u should call me"

So, I call. After a minute or some of hey howareya's, Jenny makes her situation clear. "Im pretty horny."

"Maybe I should come down and help?"

"Yeah, dont think Im gonna invite you round without meeting you"

So, I starting with some teasing and suggestive talk, while of course laying there with my dick in my hand. Very quickly I hear Jenny's breathing building up. A few moans and whimpers. We got us some good phone sex!

After about 10 mins of this she says she really wishes I could come down and just fuck her now in all holes. Again I suggest I could be there shortly. Again she says no, with less conviction this time. Continuing the phones sex/masturbation, she admits she wishes I could walk in thru her front door and do her on the kitchen bench. So I tease some more, working this fantasy. Then I hear the words I didnt think I would.

"How quickly can you get here?"

Out of bed in a shot, and Im chucking on some clothes, reaching for the keys. Thank god I have a borrowed car today!

Giving an estimate, I tell her to msg me the address.

Concentrating on the road and not my imagination was difficult. About half way there I get an SMS.

"Address is ####################. Let me know how long.... Door will be open... I am dressed like a slut bent over the bench... Blindfolded"

Nearly drove off the fucking road!!

I arrive at the address at about 4:30 am. No lights on at all, so not sure if I have the right place, but the door is open. Walk in. Only light is from appliances. And I see a figure bent over the kitchen bench. Juicy wide hips in a tight, short skirt, heels, and the busty plump body bent over then bench with a skimpy halter top. A cloth is tied as a blindfold over her eyes.

Not a word spoken at all. I kneel down and start work on her already dripping pussy. Then my pants hit the floor and we get down to it. We fucked and sucked over that bench in the dark for about 20 mins, not a word spoken, her eyes blindfolded. After unloading into her, I remove her blindfold and kiss.



"Lets head to the bed"

There followed about 2 hours of fucking and sucking. Got into all her holes, and her pussy tasted fucking fantastic! By the time we hit the shower, we're both exhausted. So a few goodbye kisses and I head back home. Got to bed about 8:30 am.

End of this story? Nope.

After sleeping thru the day, Im catching up on some emails during the evening, when Jenny messages me, "Did u enjoy last night?"


So I reply to that effect. and ask, "U enjoy?"

"Fuck yeah.... Still horny now"

"You're home alone with a wet pussy?"

"Yes sir"

This starts of sexting about what she should be doing if I walked in again now. After some seriously suggestive ideas I send, "Will msg u on approach."

"Lol you arent coming over tonight"

Hmmmm, maybe I can change her mind again?

So I send, "Really? I have a hard dick ready for you. Wanna smack your naughty butt then slide my cock into your tight cunt"

"Mmmmm, how much you gonna spank and tease me first?

"Gonna get your arse checks glowing red. Not gonna touch your pussy till its flowing and juicy.

"What time you coming round?"

Touchdown!!! This time Im gonna be on the bike, so should be much faster. I decide to twist it up a bit too. My reply.

"As fast as I can get there. A biker in leather jacket and jeans, walking straight in your front door and spanking your butt red-raw"

"Let me know when you're 5 mins away!"

So, after a crazy ride down there, I pull over a few minutes away and let her know, "5 mins away"

"K. Am bent over the dining room table waiting for my spanking"

So I walk in to find her as promised, clad in short skirt, bra and CFM boots. Raising the skirt, I start in on her nice juicy butt cheeks. As promised, I got it nice and red before start work on her juicy pussy. Between tongue, fingers, teasing and more spanks, I got her screaming and shaking. Rekon the table would need a polishing after that :)

Hanging out for our next encounter.......