Written by shelles74

25 Jan 2012

I watched him shower in the rm of a brothel he was beautiful to look at all wet my friend was sitting on the bed with me she was a hooker and shop was closed for the nite. As he stepped out of shower all wet he grabbed my neck and begun to hungrily kiss my neck whilst tugging slightly on my long hair he then pulled Niki towards him and kissed her like he wanted to eat her i begun to nuzzle her big breast till those nippless were nice and hard she was moaning softly. Les lay Nike down on the bed and he begun to lick her wet pussy i was kissing her passionately wen she grabbed me by the hair and hey out a muffled scream into my flesh i whispered in her ear did he make you cum yes she muttered unable to believe she could cum so quick les came up and asked me if i wanted to taste her so i slid my tongue into his mouth i asked if he liked how she tasted he said yes i had to agree with him we all had sweat dripping off us as it was pretty hot in that little room les put niki into doggy position and begun licking her ass whilst she was licking my sweet pussy she was good but i wanted to cum in les mouth so i pushed her aside and les worked his mouth around my clit ring till i was gasping for air with an orgasim t

niki was sucking les rock hard cock she was deep throating his cock wow i thought. Les went back down on niki as i sat on heterosexual face and rocked back and forth till she made me cum in her mouth as i came les made niki cum again. Les didnt stop like she begged him to and she came again she was so wet her pussy was glistening in the dim light i had to taste her so i pushed les gently out of the way and began to Lik all her female juices from her pussy wen les came from behind and slid his hard cock into my wet pussy it felt amazing i could feel my pussy instantly tightening around his cock Fuk i was going to cum again so i pushed bake hard onto him and let my orgasim take my whole body to another level wen i was finished i moved so les could Fuk niki as he was sliding his cock into her i whispered in his ear is her pussy tight babe he moaned i guess in agreement "does ur cock feel good in her wet pussy babe" he looked at me with his piercing blue eyes i could tell he wanted to cum no i said pull ur cock out ur cum is mine babe i want it all in my mouth so as he was about to cum he pulled out and he blew in my mouth he always tastes sooo good .