Written by pandaeyes_hubby

5 Jul 2011

Thrown in the deep end, (a dark dark room). Part 1 by Pandaeyes_hubby

I met my husband through mutual friends. We hit it off straight away. When we realized that we were serious about each other he dropped a bombshell. He said that it was unfair on me, to progress further into our relationship without letting me in on his dark secret. OH SHIT I thought. As it turned out, it wasn’t that bad after all. He said that he had realized at an early age, that he was voyeuristic to the extreme. He told me that he loved to see his partner in the company of other men. “What do you mean?” I asked.

He told me that at the age of 18, he had discovered his then girl friend on the beach, with a group of men. He didn’t realize at first that the ‘party girl’, was his one and only. It was only when he went to take his turn that her secret was discovered. I didn’t know what to say. Part of me thought “Fuck I have to get out of this relationship”, yet another part of me was intrigued. The thought of being shared by a group of men was a fantasy, and this peaked my interest.

We took it slow at first, he had shared me with some of his friends, (see my first surprise, part 1, 2 & 3), and when we were alone together in bed, he would tell me things that he would like to see and do with me. It got me really hot and had led to some fairly spectacular sex. One night, as I was sitting on his cock, he was telling me how hot I had looked when I was blind folded and tied up.

I replied by telling him that on that particular occasion, I was really turned on and that it had increased the thrill, not knowing who it was that was taking me. He then continued by telling me that he could organize to do it again, only this time in a play dungeon. A dark, dark room.., where I would be fucked continually by all cummers, (pardon the pun).

SNAP, My mind immediately saw myself restrained, unable to stop them, helpless, vulnerable, as one by one or all together they had me. I guess that hubby must have realized that my mind was elsewhere. He began apologizing for going too far. I giggled and told him not to be silly before letting my mind slip back to that dark, dark, room...

Later that night as I lay in his arms, I still couldn’t get the mental picture out of my mind. I asked if he really thought I would look sexy, and what that dark dark room was like. He described it in such detail that I found myself turned on to the point that my pussy starting to leak again. He was still soft, but with a little help from my mouth he was soon ready to enter me again.

I must have worn him out because five minutes after we finished making love, he was snoring in my ear. I, on the other hand was far from sleep. I ran my hand down over my swollen labia. They felt hot to touch, and my clit was as hard as his cock had been only half an hour or so ago. I pleasured myself for the next 30 minutes, but couldn’t find release. Finally I drifted into sleep, as the men entered, came and left that dark, dark, room...

The next morning I was up at daybreak. I showered, made hubby a cuppa and was in the dinning room when he entered. The look on his face was priceless. He still thought he had gone to far. I knew that this wasn’t the case, but I was afraid to tell hubby that. Strangely enough, I didn’t want him to think badly of me, or that strangers were all I wanted, what I needed. Especially as he thought that he was taking things out side of my comfort zone.

Undoubtedly he would mention it again the next time we fantasized together.

This was not the case. Time progressed and he was about to leave for another month away from home, (at the time, hubby worked away quite a lot). He wasn’t even gone yet, and I was already missing him. I couldn’t let him go without telling him I wanted to be fucked in that dungeon.

I told him as I put my hand on his crutch and felt his cock stiffen. He looked deep into my eyes as he tore at my cloths and pushed me back onto the kitchen table. We had made love earlier that morning, but now he possessed me with such urgency that it was like we hadn’t coupled for weeks. We both came quickly, which was lucky as the taxi was blowing its horn impatiently.

Hubby raced out the door still dressing and as I waved from around the doorjamb. I’m sure that the taxi driver got an eye full of my boobs swinging free. The next three weeks passed so slowly. Hubby kept in contact by phone. Some of the phone sex we had was great but once again it was not the same as having him deep inside me.

We had planned for me to fly down at the end of his shift, just so that we could play. Luckily hubby was able to arrange for me to come down early. It wasn’t till I got there, that I found out he had extra time off. The only thing he had told me on the phone the night before, was that he had arranged for my fantasy to become a reality.

Even though I wasn’t 100% sure if or when it would happen, I was so excited that I could feel my pussy starting to moisten. I secretly hoped that it would leak onto my skirt and leave a wet spot so that hubby could tell how turned on I was. I also noted that the gent seated next to me on the plane kept giving me funny looks. I was dressed to kill, but in hindsight I’m sure he could smell my womanly scent.

I was dressed, as hubby had requested the previous evening, I was wearing my cfm boots, my little black skirt, Lycra boob tube that clearly showed my nipples poking and straining against the fabric. Over the top, I wore a stylish button up suit jacket. I didn’t wear knickers or bra. In hindsight, I could have had some fun on the plane. The man sitting next to me tried on numerous occasions to strike up a conversation, but my mind was far, far away.., in that dark, dark, room...

The plane trip passed quickly. After a smooth landing the aircraft taxied up to the terminal and I exited to hubbies waiting arms. We raced to meet each other and hugged. His first words were “wow, you look hot”, as his eyes devoured my body. I thanked him and led him by the hand to the area where bags were appearing on a giant conveyor belt.

We exited the terminal with my luggage, and I was surprised to see that he had come to collect me in a limo. As we hoped into the car, he asked me if I was ready for my adventure to begin. I took his hand and placed it on my leg, and slid it upwards. He reached my wet pussy and a big grin appeared on his face. The driver looked in his rear view mirror and asked our destination. Hubby looked up, smiled and gave an address. The driver in turn raised his eyebrows and smiled back as he pulled away from the curb.

As we drove I noted that he would continually check me out in his mirror when he thought I wasn’t looking. Hubby said he had a present for me, and the driver nearly choked. I laughed as he seemed to adjusting his mirror downward for a better view. Hubby told me to close my eyes, I did.

Immediately I felt his hand raise my skirt, (I knew the driver would definitely be looking now). I felt him part my pussy and then something cold being pushed up into me. I shivered and nearly came on the spot. I opened my eyes and looked down in time to see hubby push another silver ball into me. The sensation was incredible. Both from the balls, and also fact that there was a strange man watching me in the rear view mirror.

Each time we went around a corner or hit a bump the balls seemed to take on a life of their own. I found out later that this was because there was a smaller ball inside each of the bigger balls. We reached our destination. It turned out to be an adult bookstore in the older part of the city. As I hopped out of the car a homeless guy sitting in the gutter looked across and did a double take. He started to get to his feet. Shit I thought, what have I got myself into now, as the balls rolled round and round inside me.

I have never before had such a myriad of emotions. I wondered which emotion I should concentrate on. I was scared, confused, embarrassed, frightened, nervous, intrigued, apprehensive, but most of all I was turned on. So much so I think I was about cum and cum that hard the whole street would have heard.

Hubby seemed to sense my predicament. He took me by the hand and pulled me toward the store. All I could do was follow on unstable legs. Thanks to those balls, my legs felt like they had turned to jelly. We walked up the three steps and entered the store. I immediately stopped to look at the row of magazines in front of me. Not out of interest, but I just could not walk any further without Cumming and making a mess on the floor.

My knees shook and I bit my lip in concentration, as wave of pleasure started to coarse through my body. Damn these balls are good. Hubby looked at me puzzled, there was a look of genuine concern on his face. He asked if I was ok. I forced a smile, which must have seemed more like a grimace. He asked if I wanted to leave.

“NO, no”, I said as I steadied myself, almost knocking down another half a dozen CD’s from the shelf behind me. “I just need a sec to get it together”. “Are you sure”? Hubby asked. “Ill be fine in a moment”, I replied. He left me there as he went over to the counter and started talking to the sales assistant. She seemed to know him. Was she flirting with him? (Mental note to self, ask hubby “who was the woman behind the counter, Dear?”). Funny how a little bit of jealousy can cause one to focus better.

I made my way over to the counter, she smiled at me as she handed hubby his change and what looked like a passkey. She mentioned that we could show the card to whoever was behind the counter and they would let us in over the next twenty-four hours.

(Part two to follow, shortly)

I hope you all enjoy the beginning of this adventure. Normally hubby does the writing, on these occasions (my point of view), I dictate, Hubby edits and puts pen to paper, my thanks to him for a job well done.. I LOVE to hear your comments. Tell me if you get horny from my story so far. Would you put yourself in the same situation? Mmm just thinking about it get my blood boiling….

Pandaeyes (and hubby)