Written by UberFun_21

1 Apr 2014

With all the writing the last 2 stories it's been getting me all hot. Not having some action for a while it was obvious that I would have to take care of things myself.

So last Saturday i broke out my trusty steed , yes my long dong Dildo its a great specimen, 9'inch long 2.5' inch girth and big balls its a beautiful veiny pole.

Seen as though my backdoor has not see any action for some time now i had to take matters into my own hands.

Prepped and ready for my hot rod injection i searched to watch some horny bi porn. An awesome video involving wife and friend the wife taking to hubbies ass with a large strap and proceeded to on bore her man out for some speed fucking by their dear friend.

It started off with her giving him a sensational rim job while sucked cock while he started to loosen she open his hole with her fingers until he was just about gaping. He parted his butt cheecks to allow his lady to drive home the pole were she got into a good rhythm each time getting in a bit more if her imaginary cock.

At This point in time i could not bare the lingering dildo head rubbing my anal lips i relaxed my rectum and slid my way down the dildo my cocks stiffened Pre cum dribbling out the sent soon of being full again was bliss, the thought of a woman pounding me was even more enticing and as she worked him harder in the video i wiggled back enjoying the penetration. Aaaahh! Balls deep again my legs slightly bent ass out backing out onto my steed i rode it home until it was time to squirt my man juice my dick was thick and veiny the head swelled and pump ......pump....... i blew my load about a meter long my ass sucking on the dildo for every bit of stimulation i kept pushing back and berried the head of the dildo deep as deep as it could go , my ass was pulsing clamping down on the cock if only there was someone real on the driving end .......