Written by Lucas91

22 Feb 2012

my job takes me many places, and because of this, i meet many people, some who i've known before, in different situations. however, this is one situation i did not ever expect to find myself in, but needless to say, i enjoyed quite a bit regardless.

i was at work the other day, and being the constantly horny 20 year old guy i am, was getting quite bored with my job, and paying more attention to the females around me. suddenly, i noticed an unexpected, yet familiar face staring back at me. a woman of approximately 45 years of age, who had kept herself in quite good shape, short dark brown hair, around 5'7 tall, staring at me with eyes that just screamed 'I want you inside me, now!'. i knew her though. i had gone to school with her son, just 8 years ago. then i remembered exactly who her son was. he was a spoiled little shit who always got his way with everything. he was the kid in school that somehow managed to convince everyone else to take his side, and pick on the kids who didnt have that ability. he was the school bully...

so i did the only thing i could do. i made sure she was paying attention and knew i was interested, and slowly made my way to the toilet block of the building. by the time i'd made it from the door to the first cubicle, she was already coming through the door herself. we went into the first cubicle, and within seconds, our clothes were off, and i was fucking her face. after a few minutes, she got up and i bent her over the toilet, fucking her pussy in a standing doggy style position. i was lost in lust by this stage, and now the whole event seems like a blur, but we kept going for the next hour or so, swapping positions, satisfying each other in every way we could.

anyway, i guess the whole point here i'm trying to make is- J, if i ever run into you in life again, you were a real jerk in school but all is forgiven man, just thank your mum for it.