Written by Deviouxxx

14 May 2018

As a tradie I had heard the odd story of tradies getting an unsatisfied housewife put the moves on while doing works around the house. I was always a little sceptical until I ended up in this same situation myself. To set the scene I had been at the house for 3 days doing work and whilst there was some innocent flirting and a bit of banter I thought nothing of it. A wife of a fifo worker and mum of 2 teenagers who obviously wasn’t getting much appreciation. How it all changed when I took a seat at the dining table to start finalising the invoice!!! Before I could put pen to paper she appeared from nowhere and straddled herself over my lap and said “do you see anything you like”. The short dress she was wearing had bunched up around her waist exposing her beautiful well groomed pussy. I was instantly throbbing hard as she leant in starting to kiss me and grind herself over the bulge in my pants. She was so wet there was a wet patch on the front of my pants. I couldn’t wait to get that dress off and see what was waiting to be unveiled. Now I could spin everyone a heap of bullshit and say I had landed a mid 40’s woman who was a size 6 with a flawless body and so on but what I got was so much better. A real woman who had looked after herself but still lived a full life too. A size 10 a little extra around the waist with D size perky tits especially for a mum of 2, a cute little ass with a few dimples but there was a cheekiness about her that was hard not to get caught up in.

I took her tits in my hands and gently nibbled her nipples which drove her wild. She started taking my clothes off and as my pants came off from around my feet she was on her knees taking my cock in her mouth. Working my throbbing hard cock with hand and mouth until she just had to have it inside her now dripping wet pussy. I resumed my place on the chair and she slowly lowered herself onto my cock letting out a groan as she slid all the way to the base. She knew exactly what she was doing as she rode me up n down n gyrated her hips leaning back making her tits sit up as she rubbed her clit thrusting faster and faster until she cum. Neither of us were done there!!! I turned her around dying to check her hot little ass out as she bobbed up n down my cock which was now lathered in her sweet juices. I kissed the back of her neck slowly moving around to gnaw on her ear, as I reached around massaging her tits n twisting her nipples with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other until she came again. My fingers were dripping with her moistness I licked my fingers wanting to taste her. Well that just tipped her over the edge...she stood up and bent over leaning on the table and said “fuck me right now”. I was pounding away at her pussy and she had reached under taking turns massaging my balls and rubbing her clit as I started using her juices to slowly work my fingers into her ass. She couldn’t take anymore and I feel her hand grab my shaft and start rubbing the head over her ass a few times before guiding it in pushing back enough to take a few inches in with a loud groan. I let her take control until she was ready, she rocked back n forth speeding up slowly until her ass cheeks were hitting my stomach. I grabbed her by the waist and started pulling out until it was just the head sitting in there and then started thrusting every last inch inside her. I pumped away at her ass as she worked her pussy with her fingers, she screamed out “I’m cumming again” to my surprise and delight she had gushed all over the floor. Then she says “I want your cum all over me” I couldn’t hold on any longer and with another half dozen pumps I pulled out and unleashed a huge load all over her ass n back. She looked so hot as my cum started dribbling down her ass crack n onto her pussy lips n then on the floor, I took the head of my cock n started spreading my cum over her ass flipping her around to rub the leftovers on her tits. Her cheeky smile said it all!!!

Best day on a job by far and she has already contacted me to do more work!!!

I can’t complain she promptly paid the invoice and I’ve got a repeat customer. Haha

Hope you all enjoyed!!!!