Written by Lucky gent

13 Dec 2019

My experiences and feelings when my beautiful sexy, absolutely stunning lady and i look for and invite a male friend for a play date.

My girl and I are sitting at a bar, drinking wine and chatting about another play date, we have a laptop open looking at profiles and discussing the pros and cons as we look at men on this site, are they Bi or Bi curious, do they sound respectful, polite and discrete mmm. The excitement and pleasure I feel as we read the return messages slowly rubbing my beautiful ladies leg, running my hand up between her thighs and kissing her neck both of us getting aroused as we start arranging a date.

We arrange to meet at a bar, my beautiful girl and myself are sitting there, nervous, butterflies in our tummies yet feeling very excited and horny looking at men as they walk into the bar, asking each other, he looks like the photos we have seen but no not him and then in walks our man mmm, we lock eyes and see his smile as he sees my beautiful sexy lady, her long blond hair, amazing eyes and walks over.

Deon looks nervous as well, but after introductions we sit down and have a few drinks chatting and getting a little naughty, a few touches, a knee against a thigh and a wayward hand here and there mmm I jump up to get another round and turn back watching them whisper to each other and smile as Deon gives my girl a little kiss on the lips, well I feel an instant spike of jealousy immediately followed by pride and excitement mmm they like each other phew.

I go back and sit on the other side of my girl on the bench and we chat, flirt and get more excited as I run my hand up her inner thigh I get a little shock as i feel another hand there mmm I look at him and smile naughty boy.

My girl excuses herself to go to the ladies and we watch her walk away mmm amazing body, so sexy. I look at his glazed lust filled eyes and down as he rugs his bulge between his thighs mmm he looks up and our eyes meet. I ask him if he wanted to come back to our hotel which is a stupid question as Deon is shaking like a little fox terrier lol. I say to him to give us 15 minutes to get to the room and get ready and hand him a spare swipe winking before meeting my girl and walking out.

I give her a quick kiss on the way to the lift in front of him and as we enter the lift start kissing my girl deeply asking questions how she is feeling, chatting and feeling the excitement rise the closer we get to our room.

I start getting this unbelievable feeling in my tummy as I watch my beautiful girl get ready to meet our new friend Deon a handsome polite gent. It’s a weird feeling of both pride and a hint of jealousy thinking another man will be kissing, nibbling and tasting my girl, but on the other hand it’s very exciting and a bit nerve racking hoping it will be a enjoyable experience for all of us πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

A knock on the door Deon has arrived and the door opens and I see his eyes widen, smile and the bulge rapidly growing between his legs mmm, my beautiful girl is lying naked under the a sheet, he looks at me and I wink at him patting him on the shoulder as he walks toward my girl, who sits up holding the sheet up above her amazing big incredible breasts with wonderful perky nipples poking through the sheets. Deon leans forward and kisses her deeply his right hand holds her amazing breast tweaking her nipple between forefinger and thumb wow her nipple is sticking up very excited now. I get undressed and when he turns and notices me naked he quickly gets undressed and asks if he can take a shower, good move on his side and a big tick in the box and we both nod to him and Deon disappears into the shower. I drop down between my girls thighs and start licking her amazing sweet tight pussy listening for the shower to turn off mmm a quick taste before another man has my lady.

In he walks and my girl drops the sheet exposing her beautiful full breasts and erect perky nipples, he drops his towel from around his waist and wow that is one big cock, I stare at it thinking bugger, again jealousy then a thought of that big cock stretching my girls tight pussy excites me immensely mmm He walks forward towards my beautiful very aroused girl and his cock is up very hard, pulsing and veins pushing around his shaft. Deon stops next to my beautiful girl who has this naughty smile looking at this pulsing big cock and kisses her deeply before she takes his cock between her amazing lips, I am instantly hard and filled with pride seeing how turned on he is and how happy my beautiful sexy girl is.πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

The idea she has another mans cock deep inside her mouth, licking and sucking Deon's big cock is amazing then she looks up into my eyes and smiles as I kneel between her gorgeous thighs licking and exploring her tight wet pussy is just unbelievable.

I look up and ask him if he wants to taste my girl and we swap over. I watch him licking, tasting my beautiful girls unbelievable tight sweet tasting pussy, his cock pulsing with lust as my cock gets kissed and explored by my girl who is moaning with pleasure mmm what is he doing that is different to what I do I think. I look at him and motion to her right breast and start kissing, licking and sucking her amazing breast and nipple and he bends down and starts copying me, we start moving down her body licking and tasting her, looking at each other until we get to my girls amazing inner thighs and I start licking her pussy sliding my tongue as deep as I can and he starts flicking his tongue over her beautiful little clit we change spots and I get this amazing little taste of my girl as she starts to orgasm mmm. I look at him and it’s such a exciting feeling imagining what is running through his mind as i watch him get more and more aroused his big cock throbbing mmm.

My girl motions she wants to turn over and we both watch intently as she turns over kneeling and I get excited as I get to sit in my favourite position in front of her gorgeous face, my girl kneeling with our friend licking deep inside her pussy from behind, flicking his tongue over and around her tight arse and back deep into her pussy, Deon getting more and more worked up before she says quietly she wants to feel his cock inside her.

Well it’s the most unbelievable feeling watching his face light up as he looks at me before slowly easing his rock hard pulsing throbbing cock into my girls tight pussy mmm, I love watching her face as she sucks my cock, her eyes wide, incredible smile and she starts to get very aroused as well feeling his big cock ploughing deep into my girl mmm.

Depending on the mood and who our friend is but this time we are very excited with Deon and he agrees to my request. I slide between my gorgeous girls thighs so she is kneeling over my face and i guide our friend cock back into my girls pussy mmm licking her clit and pussy watching his throbbing cock glistening with her pussy juices as he slides deep in and out mmm πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ€—. Then holding his cock, i slide it out and suck all her sweet pussy juices off his cock tasting both her cum and his precum before easing him back into her tight wet pussy and continue licking all around her pussy and flicking my tongue over her clit, sucking on his balls ohhh yes it’s amazing I can hear them both groaning.

Then when my girl is close to Cumming she motions to me by squeezing her thighs against my shoulders and says quietly to our friend that she wants to feel him cum inside her.

I watching his face redden, my cock starts throbbing and knowing my girls beautiful sweet tasting incredible pussy is going to be filled with another man’s cum get me very excited indeed.

I feel my beautiful girl start to orgasm and hearing her moans and suddenly Deon moans he, grunts rears up and spurts hot cum into my girl before jerking a few times and I watch his cock pulse and his balls shake in front of my face before he leans forward kissing my girls neck and back moaning as slowly his cock slides out with a little splash of cum dribbling out of my beautiful girls wet quivering pussy right on my chin mmmm

I get up excitedly and now it’s my turn to be top dog, the main man I guess you can call it and position myself behind my beautiful stunning girl and look at her amazing cum soaked pussy before I slide my rock hard throbbing cock into my girls quivering pussy, the heat, the sticky feeling of cum squeezing around my cock and knowing I am going to cover our friends cum with my own, I rear up and cum oh boy what a incredible experience mmm .

When our new friend Deon has left we lie together my hand rubbing our cum all over my beautiful girls pussy, what a wonderful feeling slowly sliding my fingers into her pussy, chatting and explaining our different feelings, thoughts and how we feel about what we have experienced already chatting about next time we can invite Deon over and i gently lift her leg up sliding my cock back into my gorgeous girls cum filled pussy making love gently and slowly this time adding another load of my hot cum inside my beautiful stunning girl covering Deon's cum again, my mind whirling with incredible thoughts as I hld my girl tight kissing her neck as we falling asleep dreaming about another amazing experince.

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