Written by bigbill69lvr

22 Nov 2014

Got called out to this ladies house on the far side of the city yesterday. Its always been my biggest fantasy to be seduced by the older lady of the house, I ve had some pretty close encounter s over the years, especially since I moved to Australia (must be the accent). I ve driven away from some ladies house thinking fuck I should ve made a move on more than 1 occasion.

Anyway that was to change, I get to this ladies house and she shows me what needs fixing, tells me it's just myself and her there for the morning and if I needed her she would be in her room as she d been for a walk and needed a shower. I got to work and was about half way through when she came back and offered me a drink, she knew I couldn't help but look at those long fit legs sticking out from her short wet towel. She gave me the glass and went back to her room. I finished the first job and went to look at the next one, as I walked to look at what I needed I passed her bedroom. The door was ajar and I could her a humming buzzing noise, I couldn't help looking and could see the lady of the house spread eagled on the bed and playing with herself. Instantly I could feel my shorts tightening and my heart pound. I quickly left and went to the spare room to finish my work, I couldn't stop thinking about what I saw and what I should do. By now my cock was rock hard and I was tingling from head to toe. I couldn't help it I went back for another look, this time I got as close as I could. After a while and I don't know how it happened because I don't remember unbuttoning my work shorts but I was stood there trying to be quiet while I tugged on my rock hard cock. I suddenly got the feeling she knew I was there and wondered whether I should kick open the door and enter the room and her for that matter. Then we made eye contact and I opened the door so she could see what I was doing, she watched for a while and moved a leg so I could see that purple vibe working it's magic on her pink and trimmed pussy. She nodded for me to come closer and never took her eyes off my cock, I edged to the bed all the while I could feel my self buidling to a massive explosion. I stood at the edge of the bed still unsure of what to do and completely understand her spell, she took my cock in one hand smiled and winked at me as she gave it a kiss, she put my hand between her legs and I rubbed her soaking wet pussy. I just had to taste it and knew she wanted me to so she moved around so her head was off the bed and between my legs. I knelt and straddled her and buried my face between those legs while she kiss and licked balls and reached round to stroke my cock. She licked from my balls to my and ass and then teased my hole. I licked and fingered her soaked pussy while she arced her back forcing my tongue and finger s deeper. I moved my tongue frantically as I hummed a tune while I sucked that swollen clit, I slipped 1 hand around the back of her leg and eased a finger inside her ass. Just as I did that she buried her tongue in my ass and wanked my throbbing cock I knew I was gonna cum so I sped up my tongue and fingers and BOOM we both exploded together, I don't think I've ever roared as loud and shot as big a load as that day and she screamed louder than I did. When we were finished I rolled off and she lay there stroking my cock.

After a while my next client called looking for when I d be out to his house the lady told me to go and come back another day to finish off the work. I honestly cannot wait til then!