30 Apr 2016

So my girlfriend (Blonde, 21, very large boobs, cute face, great legs, submissive and loves being trained) and I regularly play at a nude beach when the urge gets us, but as it's getting cold I brought up the idea of a sex cinema, which she was quite interested in. We looked at Club X but the online comments didn't sound too good, and then we read about Arrows. apparently it's mostly gay but couples do go and are allowed, and on Saturday night there is a swingers night. We couldn't make it on a Saturday, but thought stuff it, let's go anyway.

The guy on the phone was pretty nice and explained what goes down and how everything works, and when we arrived they gave us a tour because it was our first time. Afterwards we came back downstairs and got naked at the lockers, changing to a towel. We hit the sauna and spa first, but it was a bit annoying because people wouldn't stop trying to chat us up. We moved upstairs to the third level and found the private room with a swing so decided to get in there and give it a go. I locked the door, turned around then pulled her towel off her, then pushed her to her knees. She began lapping at my balls until I pushed my cock down her throat instead and slowly slid it deeper and deeper as I was pumping in and out of her mouth.

I then picked her up, laid the towel over the swing and got her to lay down into it, with her legs high in the air wrapped around each chain. I lubed my fingers and slid two straight and deep into her smooth little pussy and began fingering her exactly how she loves, and she began moaning. She got louder and louder and I was worried about people hearing us, then I realised if you can't make noise here, where can you? So I went harder and harder until she pushed my hand away as the sensation was too much. I walked over to the side of the swing and slid my cock down her throat again, and began pulling one of the chains forward and back closest to her head so I was fucking her mouth with minimum effort.

A few minutes of that and I couldn't take it anymore, I was rock solid and I wanted to fuck. I came back around and slid my cock into her, and she let out a little whimper. I started slow but gradually slammed into her harder and harder, the locker keys attached to my wrist creating an advertisement throughout the floor that someone was enjoying themselves.

We fucked there for a while then went for a wander around the other floors, ending up on the second level with a private room and a bed. I put a mask on her and pushed her to her knees to suck me hard again. I unlocked the door and kept it open about 6 inches, and soon enough a few people looked in and walked away again, I'm assuming they were gay. Then one guy came in, around 50 years old I'd say, and watched her suck me. I then ordered her to suck him and she sat there on her knees for 5 minutes, alternating between sucking his cock and licking his balls, and choking a few times too because he was quite thick. He then wanted to 69 her so I put her in that position and then fucked her while he ate her pussy. That went on for a while and then I pulled her up and put her into doggy position, and spitroasted her while she sucked him. Unfortunately then she was a bit over it so I said goodbye to him and he left.

We had a bloody great experience there, and definitely will be coming back soon. Our next goal is for her to service three or four of us at the same time :)