7 Nov 2018

This story is completely factual and begins a number of years ago. I had been separated for about a year and during that time had spent most of my energies on survival: moving away, getting work, a place, etc. I moved to an area north of Sydney and worked for a local company with a staff of about 15, with a relatively even mix of males and females.

One of the females on staff was Trish. She was 15 years my senior and was one of those women that oozed sex appeal. Chatting to the blokes at work, Trish was fancied by all but 2 of us: one gay, the other deeply religious. She was a conservative dresser (required by the employer), but elegant. She looked not unlike a Spanish Flamenco dancer, with thick black hair, pale skin, wide eyes and full red lips. Although she was fancied by most of us, the guys that knew here, let me know that she was off limits. She was married, heavily involved in a local church and, although was one of the few women that you;d come and talk to us, out the back in the workshop, it was because she was a nice person.

Over time, my position in the company changed and I was promoted to the same level as Trish, which involved us working more closely together, more frequently. Unbeknownst to me, Trish and I lived in the same street, fairly quiet but very long and it was one evening, whilst out walking and exploring the area, that she and I bumped into each other. We walked and talked for a while - conversation coming easily and it was extremely enjoyable being with her.

Our time spent together, both at work and outside, increased and although we never ventured into each others lives apart from walking together most evenings and working together, we grew pretty close. As a 35 year old, single bloke, I enjoyed the company of a 50 year old, very classy looking and sounding woman. At night, I would imagine what it would be like to fuck Trish and had a permanent hard on thinking about her.

Inevitably, as we talked, the discussions became more and more racy and I learned that she was married, although not especially happily; she had five grown up kids; had been very wild when she was younger and loved all aspects of sex. These discussions were kept in general terms, until one day, when we were alone in the office, she asked if we could talk about sex more, as she found me "...such an easy person to talk to."

Trish told me how she was an extremely sexual being and had always been. She had had dozens of lovers over the years and although she and her husband were not particularly happy, she had regular sex with him and, for the last 20 years, only him. When I had to leave the office to visit a client, Trish came over and kissed me long and sensually on the lips, which was absolutely electrifying. She said that she'd love to continue the conversation later, to which I readily agreed.

We did meet later and walked and talked about sex mainly. She began by saying that she felt that we had come to a point where we could speak in more frank and intimate terms and she hoped that I wouldn't be offended by her language. She aid that one of the tings she really liked was to talk about sex, but without the polite conventions surrounding it. This led into her saying that she loved sucking cock and being fucked. Nothing could shock her and for 20 years, she had been fucking her husband because he was her husband. She asked me what I liked: I told her that I had always loved womens legs and butts, especially wearing stockings and panties, doggie style fucking and licking a pussy ( I didn't really know what to say, as the whole tenor of the conversation had caught me out).

We stopped in a local park, close to her place and began kissing and feeling each other's bodies. It was well past midnight by this stage and after the explicit talk, my cock was straining to get out. After Trish had rubbed it through my footy shorts for a while, she knelt down, pulled it out and fed it slowly into her mouth. She expertly ran her tongue along the glans and around the head, knowing exactly where to lick. After a while of this, she opened her mouth further and I felt the entire length of my cock going into her wide open mouth. This was without a doubt the best head job I had ever had and Trish reached around and pulled my arse towards her, pulling me into her mouth further. I took hold of her head and started fucking her mouth. I had never experienced feelings in my cock like I was feeling then; her mouth was wide, yet her tongue was moving over and around my cock as it slid in and out of her wet mouth.

I knew I wouldn't able to hold out for long, so I started fucking her mouth in earnest, to which she responded by grabbing my hips and pulling me in and out in time with my own movements.

Then she stopped. I thought, this was it. second thoughts time and finish myself off later, but no. She stood up and planted her lips on mine, slipping her tongue into my mouth, so I could taste the faint taste of my cock on her. I slipped my hand down her shorts and felt her pussy through her lacy panties, one of my main turn ons. She was so wet and opened her legs slightly. I felt her wet pussy through her panties while she continued to slowly wank my cock. After a bit of this, I slipped a finger inside the leg of her panties and into her pussy. She whispered in my ear that she didn't want my finger, she wanted my cock and that I should bend her over and fuck her. I whispered back (there was a few houses around) that I didn't have any condoms. She replied that if we were going to fuck regularly, we wouldn't be using them and that I would find out much more about her sexual tastes, one of which being that not only did she love the point when men ejaculated, she loved the feel of cum in her pussy.

I turned her around and ben her over a picnic table, pulley's her shorts down to her knees, pulled her panties to the side and slipped my very hard cock into her very wet pussy. So many things about this were pressing the right buttons: the risk of where we were; the fact of fucking this extremely sexual and sensuous woman; the sight of my cock sliding in and out; the white lacy panties; her creamy buttocks and the feel of her hot, wet pussy around my cock. I fucked her hard and she responded, pushing back into me in time with my thrusts and reaching underneath to run her fingers along my cock as it slid in and out, coated with her juices.

I couldn't hold back any more and feeling my own orgasm building up (which hadn't taken long!!), I increased the pace and with one final thrust, my cock pumped into her, a seemingly endless amount of cum. I pulled out and she moved her panties back, then turned and sat on the table, with her shorts around her ankles and my cum soaking the inside of her panties as it leaked out of her pussy. I couldn't take my eyes off of this amazing sight, especially as she put her fingers down her panties, then pulled them out, covered in my cum and licked them clean.

I couldn't believe what had just happened and as we both dressed ourselves again, she kissed me goodnight, a faint taste of cum on her lips and tongue. We agreed to keep things quiet but we also both said that we'd like to met again.

I know this was a long and somewhat boring story but Trish and I had many adventures over the next few years. This serves as an introduction for those who would like to hear more.