23 Aug 2015

It had been a good few years since we had played around some, work commitments and the farm as such. But one day a few months back we were having a good shag and reliving some of our past fun times when I said that while I was away interstate I noticed a lot of trucks parking up in the lay aways, since all these new road cameras have been set up trickiest have to make sure they get enough rest.

Any way while shagging I had said that the amount of trucks I saw parked up made me think how I'd like to see you fucked by a truckie, all went a little silent for a bit and I thought I'd put my foot in it, but then Jay (my wife) said what would I like to see happen. I told her I hadn't thought it through too much, but would love to see a rough looking truck driver giving her a good serve. She said if I come up with a workable plan she MIGHT think it over. So after a few days I said what say we have a drive about one night on one of our main country highways and see what we can get going, as I didn't really know what else to do.

So the following weekend on a Saturday night we got ready, I had jay wear a loose fitting dress with a zip at the rear, and nothing else under it, but got her to put a big overcoat on the top until we found a good spot to try and get a truck drivers attention. By the way jay and I are in our early 50's, jay still has a nice body, a little over done maybe, but we are over 50.

I packed a picnic blanket just incase it was needed and we set off. We drove for around 50kms and went into a few stops, but we're a little uneasy as most of them had 4 to 5 trucks in, and didn't think a gangbang by unknown fellas was the go for now. Then we came to a out of the way stop with just the one truck in, looked at each other and thought we might try it, it was very dark and there were a couple of concrete picnic tables about 15 mtrs apart. The truck didn't have any lights on and we figured he was sleeping, so we went to the nearest table to the truck, around 30mtrs from it, put the blanket on the table top and I got jay to sit on it, while I sat on one of the benches each side of the table, we started kissing and playing around a bit, and tried to make a little noise to get the drivers attention. I was sure the headlights of the car when we pulled in must of made him aware people had rocked up in the parking bay. We were kissing and playing about a bit, and I opened up Jays coat and was squeezing her tits and running my hands up her legs to her knicker less pussy, and was poking in a finger or two, this got her moaning a little, then I put my mouth to her pussy and started having a bit of a lick, jay then whispered that a light had come on in the cab of the truck, so we tried to pretend we hadn't seen it and kept on playing, I motioned Jay to jump down from the table and pulled out my now stiff cock and got her to give me a little head, as she was sucking me I pushed her around a little more so that her bottom was facing towards the truck, and flipped her coat to one side so that the driver if he looked could see her bare legs and maybe her naked pussy. While she was bent over sucking me I leaned my hand around so I could stroke the bottom and pussy, as I was doing this I could now see that the driver was indeed looking,he had his window down, and I could make out a smile on his face. As I was running my hand along her bum and pussy lips I let Jay know he was watching, I could feel her go a little shaky in anticipation of what might happen. I moved my hand a little so as to use my now wet fingers to beckon over the driver, not sure if he saw I did it again, he then waved back, but was still just watching, not sure if he would come over or not we just kept on doing what we were, then I had Jay get back up onto the table and pushed her backwards so that her back was on the blanket, she still had on the coat, but it was pulled right open, only her arms were in the sleeves. She was lying on the table longways, and her head was hanging over one end and her legs the other, I got myself between her legs and pushed in my cock, and slowly moved in in & out, as I was pushing in and out I heard the truck door open but didn't look around until I heard foot steps moving towards us, then I looked over my shoulder, more so as I hadn't really seem him and wanted to be sure he didn't look like some sort of nutter. I was a little shocked at his size, he was taller then me but also older, he looked around 60-62 there abouts, he said we looked like we were enjoying our selfs, and it was a nice surprise to wake up to, he said in all his years trucking he had never been so lucky to see such a lovely naked lady, I then said you might be even luckier yet as I wanted to see a rough old truckie fucking my dirty little wife, he seamed a little shocked, and thought I was joking until Jay said how about bringing you cock over here so I can taste it, he looked back at me and I nodded OK, as I was still a little warmish he had on shorts, the old stubborn type with the small pocket, he walked over to towards jays head while pulling up at the leg of his shorts, looked back over again to me and I said she is all yours. He got his cock out, about semi stiff and pointed it towards jays mouth, it was an average size, fatish with a knobbie head, just as he got to jays lips her tounge came out to greet it, she licked at the head and he pushed it into her mouth a little more, from her upside down position he was able to push most of it right into her throat, he made her choke a little but she soon had him sliding it in and out like a piston, while he was doing her mouth I was still slowly fucking her pussy, I was only going slow because I didn't want to come just yet, I was enjoying seeing this old fella fucking my wife of over 25 years mouth, I could see him glance over to look at my cock slipping in and out of her now very wet pussy, we kept this up for a little while longer, and I asked if he wanted to swap ends, "that'll be grouse" was his reply. As we moved around he dropped his shorts to the ground and stepped out of them, before pushed my cock into jays mouth I had her remove her arms from the sleeves of her coat, so now she was stark naked on top of her coat and blanket, he moved into position, and raised her legs a little and pushed all of his cock right up to his balls, and pulled almost out and slammed it back in, he started hammering my wife's pussy while I got around to her mouth filled it with cock, my cock was in her mouth, but she was concentrating more on the cock banging her pussy then sucking, but that suited me as I really wanted to fuck her once she had another mans cum up her. He kept up the pace, and then started to grunt, and wanted to know where to cum, I said as deep as you can get it, with that he fucked her like a wild animal and came in her pussy, I said quick swap places so I can finish her off, with that I shoved my cock back up her hole and went for it, Jay beckoned him back to her mouth and she suck him clean, she felt so wet and slippery while I was pumping away and watching her suck him clean at the same time had me filling her hole as well. As I pulled out cum dribbled out too over her coat, I looked up and he was hard again, Jay suggested bending over the table if he thought he had another one in him, he jumped at the chance and whacked it straight in, even he commentated at how wet and juicy she was, I just sat back on the bench and watched this old truckie fuck my wife a second time, he lasted a lot longer and pumped that cunt for all he was worth and fill her a second time, all done we cleaned up made small talk and went our different ways, he laughed when he left saying he had only ever read about things like this, and now he's done it.

We went out again a few weeks after this to another spot and had a good time again, will post later.