23 Aug 2015

On our second adventure at the truck parking bay we thought we would do something pretty much the same as our first experience went down so well.

This happened about 3 weeks after the last experience, on this Saturday evening I asked Jay to be compleatly naked under her Mac type coat as I thought she might do a bit of flashing to get a drivers attention. As the night got darker we set out, we visited several different truck parking lay-bys , all were empty, No trucks at all, things were starting to look a bit grim for a good time. We passed a small country pub and I suggested we get a few beers, we parked outside and I shot in to grab a six pack, then we drove up to a few other out of the way parking bays. I thought after a couple of beers Jay would also be a little gamer for a bit of flashing, as we approached another parking bay we saw a truck indicating to turn in, we drove past for a look first, and decided to give him a little while to get sorted and then turn around and pull in. On our arrival the driver was already out of his truck, looking over his load and checking his tie downs. He looked around 40-45 wearing slacks and a short cotton company shirt, we drove passed the truck and Jay didn't mind the look of him, he was average size with broad shoulders short hair. So we parked up a little way up from his truck and made a bit of a plan up. I said to Jay to walk over and ask him if he knew how far up the next fuel station was and try to strik up a little conversation with him, and if all feels good and she liked him give him a bit of a flash. And we would see where it goes from there. I could see she was a little nervous, so I said after a few minutes I would come over too.

So Jay got out of the car dressed in her Mac and cowgirl boots and made her way to the truck driver about 20mtrs from our car, the cut of the Mac, and the way the buttons do up showed a good bit of cleavage too, and it did look like she had next to nothing on. After around a minute or two I made tracks over to the truck, introduced myself and made a comment that did she get some directions, he seemed OK to me and Jay hadn't backed off yet so I made a comment about his load, and that it was a large load, and then without much thought I said that Jay was looking for a load herself tonight, he gave me a funny look as if he wasn't too sure if he had heard right, and then without beating around the bush I said I would love to see my wife Jay getting fucked by a truckie, and would he be interested in helping us out, I think we got him off gaurd and even freaked him out a little as he stuttered and said, I don't know, where ?.. I then said right here in the parking bay, then went behind Jay, put my arms around her waste and started to unbutton her coat, I then opened it up and exposed her naked body, his eyes popped out, there was my wife coat wide open standing there in nothing but cowgirl boots.

He then mentioned that he hasn't been in a relationship for awhile, and hadn't had a fuck for over a month, but said looking at her he would love to help out. Jay then went over closer to him and rubbed his crotch saying she hoped he had just as big of a load for her, I then suggested moving over to the benches and tables and I would get some blankets from the car, but he said he would rather we climbed up into the sleeper cab, but it might be a bit squashy as it wasn't as big as in some trucks, he mentioned that due to the company name in large letters on the side of the tarp and doors he didn't want to risk losing his job if caught doing something elicit as someone could drive in at any time.

I said would just have a private work to Jay and we moved away back towards the car, I asked her what she thought of climbing up into the cab without me, I said I would be just as happy this way as long as she gave me all the horny details afterwords, she was a little reluctant but said she would go ahead if I was alright with it. ( she didn't say anything, but deep down I believe she enjoyed the idea, as she could let lose). We walked back over and I told the driver he could have her to himself for a little while, but he must promise to respect her limits, I said No means No, and if he gave his word he could have her. He wasted no time in giving his word.

I said to Jay to pass over her coat and I would put it back in the car with me, she slipped it off and just looked so stunning standing there next to this large truck, with a stranger in nothing but cowboy boots. The driver opened the door and suggested she climb up into the cab, I stopped half way back and watched as my lovely wife climbed up into the truck in nothing but boots, as she climbed the steps the driver would of had a great view of pussy & arse. I went back to our car and waited, shaking a little with nerves at what could be happening, and the fact I had just given my wife away to a man we have only know for ten minutes. Whilst in the car I had the hardest hardon I had had for years, even harder then when I have seen another man fuck her, the thought of not knowing was driving me nuts.

Time passed slowly, I kept looking at the clock, wondering what he was doing to her, what she was doing to him, time just dragged, then 50 minutes later the cab door opened, and down climbed Jay followed by the driver, they stood at the front wheels of the truck for a few minutes, jays hand between her legs, pushed up tight against her hole, the driver then leaned over and kissed her on the lips, jays other hand reached out and grabbed and rubbed at his crutch again, he then turned and started climbing back into the truck, turning once more to wave a thank you at me, jay made her way back to the car, hand between her legs hobbling away in just boots and got back into the car.

She said he did have a big load, and was struggling to hold it in so it didn't dribble down her legs and into her boots. I will never forget that sight of my naked wife climbing out of a big truck hand between legs in just boots. I told her I want to hear everything that happened, but first I needed to fuck her, my cock was aching with pain for being so fucken stiff, I asked her to get out and bend over the boot, just as she got out the truck fired up and was starting to pull out of the bay. Jay bent over the boot, I dropped my pants and stuck my cock straight in, she was so wet and loose and I came almost straight away.

When she got back into the car we headed off home and she told me what had happened.

She said he first got her to suck him off, Jay said his cock was around 7 inches, smooth and very nice looking were her words, average thickness with a helmet looking head, bigger then my cock she said. Jay said when she sucked him he would push her head down onto it, now and again making her choke, he came after about ten minutes of her sucking, and as he came he held her head down hard so his cum went into her throat rather then her mouth, and he made her keep it in her mouth until it went limp, she said at times she struggled to breath, but enjoyed it.

Then he wanted to go down on her, he licked and fingered her pussy for 5-10 minutes and had her juices running down over her arse hole, then poked a finger up her bum, she said while he was licking her clit he finger fucked both arse and pussy with great speed, then he climbed up into her chest and put his now stiffening cock between her tits and fucked them while poking the head back into her mouth, she said he slapped her face with his cock every now and again, then he ordered her onto her knees and shoved it into her from behind, and at the same time put another finger up her bum, then he pulled out of her pussy and attempted to fuck her arse, she said no to that, she told him he could finger her bum, but not fuck it ( this is something she has never been too keen on ).

So he shoved it back into her cunt and gave her a good going over, she said she came a good few times while he fucked her and fingered her bum, then he exploded another load into her, flooded her cunt was the word she used, then he pulled out and told her to suck it clean. Jay reckoned he took charge, after she had sucked him clean he laid back onto his back and wanted to watch her play with his cock, wank and like the length, she said he said make me hard again as I want to lay between your legs and see your face when I cum up you again, she said as he came up her cunt a second time he wanted her to kiss him passionately , and then lay on top of her while his cock went limp again. He got her to suck him clean for the last time, then asked if he meet her again sometime by giving her his number.

If we do meet him again it will be in a motel so I can play too.

What turns me on the most is I just don't know what happened, did he fuck her arse ? Did he fuck her more then she said, was his cock larger then she said, all these thing go through my head when I fuck her, she is my sweet little stut wife, and to see or know of another man enjoying her gets me so fucken stiff.

This was only last month, so we might have to try it again, maybe to truckers next time, who knows.