Written by cucky

25 Jul 2014

It began when I showed interest in cuckold. My Wife had cheated on Me. Thought I would get upset but instead I was tuned on. She was in tears and yet I was hard as a rock. She felt guilty and yet all I wanted was to lick Her clean.

Let Me tell You the story (true by the way).

My Ex wife and I lived across the road from a single dad. We both liked socialising with Him.

One night the wife decided to get out and chat with Him. We had had an argument about money/work etc.

Anyway She was gone for hours. Eventually She woke Me in tears. She was so upset. She had slept with Him.

I stripped Her clothes and went down town quicker than ever before.

I was hooked.

She created a profile online. And as everyone knows Women get plenty of attention.

Pretty soon She found a guy that was all She desired.

Young. Hung. Clean.

She wouldn't allow Me to see any pic or conversation.

She arranged a meet. He was at Our place at 9pm.

I was ordered at 8:30pm to wait in the spare room at the other side of the house.

I heard a car. Door knock and mumbles of conversation.

Then nothing for almost 1.5hrs

Eventually She opened the door to the room I was in.

He had left.

She entered and smiled at Me.

Then without a word She grabbed the back of My neck and pulled Me close.

She had taken His cum in Her mouth and kissed Me with the full load.

I swallowed His cum from a snowball from My wife.

This was so hot.

I was hooked even more.

Since then We have had a few other encounters.

Although alas We have separated since.

Morally She disliked the lifestyle.

I on the other hard cannot.