Written by macgyver1973

23 Apr 2018

My husband works away from home for long periods of time and I've always looked forward to his return home so that we can have really good sex. More recently I've started to explore my deeper sexual desires, and as a result, my sex toy collection has started to grow.

Well, my husband is due back to Melbourne in the next couple of days, so last week, in thinking about surprising him on his return, I ordered a new dildo. The one that caught my eye, was a crescent, metal dildo, that was tapered from one end of the curve to the other and had a large ball at one end and a smaller ball at the other (made by njoy). The toy is suppose to be good for g-spot simulation. I wasn't sure about it, but the reviews for this dildo were really positive, so I went ahead and bought the toy.

As soon as I ordered the toy, I have been fantasising about adding it to our love making. It arrived yesterday, and my fascination was piqued immediately. It is lovely and shiny and hard, but so heavy. So while I was looking at it, and holding it in one hand, I absent mindedly, moved my hand inside my panties and only became aware of it when my lust had taken over and I wanted to test run the toy in advance of my husband's return.

Typically I would need lube, but I found that the smoothness and coldness of the metal allowed the smaller end to easily slip in side me and I was comfortable rocking back and forth on the toy. The smallest movement felt really good and the fact that the toy was so heavy, didn't impede my movement.

I was really enjoying the feeling, so I got more comfortable, removing my shorts and panties and decided to put the bigger end inside me. Again, I would typically need lube, but because I was really excited down there, I had enough juice to just slip the toy inside me. It entered me with little force, but did make a little pop when it went past my lips. Again, very little movement was required and the feeling inside was incredible. I was lost in time rocking on this toy as the sensation built and built. After removing my pants, I was also able to stimulate my clit and was slowly rubbing my bits in time to my rocking. My orgasm then came and hit a crescendo, and I had the buzzing in my head and tears in my eyes.

It felt incredible, and I lay there for a little while to recover. I slowly eased the curved toy from my vagina (because it is so hard, you need to be careful), but it did come out without any discomfort. What I then found out was that I had soaked the couch. I had squirted loads of fluid, but had not been aware of it. I was ashamed, curious and excited at the same time. My thoughts immediately dashed ahead to when my husband returns; we are going to have so much fun and if I can squirt again, he will really enjoy it.

What interested me the most; the who time I was masturbating with the njoy, the clock only moved 8 minutes from start to finish. Whilst I was lost in my world, the toy really made me cum quickly. Wow, I think this one is a keeper.