Written by muppets

19 Dec 2013

This story goes back to the very early days of our relationship, before we were married and still finding out about our sexual boundaries. We had been making love when I slid the head of my vibrator into Mark’s arse. I waited for a reaction but the look of lust on his face told me it was ok. Over the years I have occasionally fucked him with a variety of vibrators, sometimes fantasising about it being another guy fucking him. We both get turned on by the thought but had never suggested actually doing anything about it.

One night we lay in bed and talked about what it might be like. Mark was keen and we decided to look for someone with similar ideas. We eventually settled on Pete who fit our needs and looked to have a really nice cock. We made contact and agreed to meet at our house one afternoon.

Despite being really excited I was also really nervous and wasn’t sure I would go through it. Pete turned up on time and Mark let him in. We sat in the lounge and enjoyed a drink to settle the nerves and chatted about nothing in particular. I had worn a short skirt and shear blouse which clearly showed my sexy underwear beneath. I decided it was now or never and took Pete by the hand and guided him to the bedroom where our king sized bed awaited us. Mark followed at a distance and walked in as Pete kissed me lightly on the lips. Mark had always found the thought of another guy fucking me as exciting but always seemed to get slightly jealous when they kissed me. Knowing that, I thrust my tongue into Pete’s mouth and we kissed passionately. I glanced over at Mark, making sure he had a full view. Pete’s hands seemed to be everywhere, sliding over my ample breasts and between my thighs. My panties were already wet and Pete started to unbutton me, allowing my clothes to fall to the floor. I was soon standing with only my skimpy underwear on and I helped Pete out of his clothes. He wasn’t wearing underwear and I was a little shocked when his cock sprung out. Mark has a nice 7.5 inch cock but this one was around 9 inches and wasn’t quite hard yet and was also considerably thicker than it had seemed on his profile.

Pete eased me on to the bed, his hands continuing to roam everywhere. Mark had stripped off and was stroking his cock, enjoying the view. Pete unclipped my bra and released my breasts. The grin on his face said it all and his mouth sucked at my nipples until they stood out proudly. His fingers had worked into my panties and were sliding into my wet pussy. His fingers seemed larger than average and it felt like a series of cocks entering me one at a time. He slid my panties down and Mark relieved him of them. His tongue was roughly lapping at my pussy lips, his technique lacking the finesse that Mark had developed over the years. Mark can make me cum at any time with his tongue, he just knows what spots to hit.

I motioned Mark to join us on the bed. I wanted him to be close. Pete spread my legs and raised them slightly towards my chest. His cock was positioned at the entrance to my pussy and, with one thrust, he was deep inside me. I moaned loudly and gripped Mark’s hand. Pete wasted no time thrusting into me and then almost pulling out before ramming back into me ensuring I moaned at each thrust. Mark wanted me to suck his cock but I held him off, wanting him to watch this stranger fuck his wife. I knew it would be driving him crazy but I was about to change that.

I pushed Pete away and asked him to lay back. It was now or never! I took Mark’s hand and placed it on to Pete’s sticky cock and motioned him to play with it. Mark seemed a little hesitant but slowly started to wank Pete. Pete lay back and Mark took his cock and sucked it into his mouth. I put my hand on the back of his head and encouraged him to take Pete’s cock into the back of his throat. He gagged a couple of times but I insisted he continue. I had my hands between Mark’s legs and was stroking his cock and squeezing his balls. I was so horny I could have cum without any other stimulation at all. Mark was now hungrily slurping Pete’s cock and I took advantage of having Mark on his hands and knees. I took the lube from the side table and squeezed a good amount on to my fingers. I eased one finger inside him followed by a second and then a third. Mark moaned as I thrust inside him. Mark was ready. I asked Pete to move behind Mark while keeping Mark in the doggy position. I squeezed more lube on to Pete’s cock and then motioned Pete to fuck my husband. It was a little awkward and Pete seemed to having trouble penetrating Mark.

I told Mark to roll on to his back and I squatted over his chest, holding his knees up towards his chest. Mark placed his hands under his arse cheeks and Pete moved in between his legs. Once again Pete eased the head of his cock in to Mark’s arse. There was resistance but then the head of Pete’s cock popped into Mark. Mark winced – pleasure and pain. I told him to relax and breath. Pete continued to slowly thrust forward until he was completely buried inside Mark. My heart raced and my pussy tingled. Pete now started to slowly work forward and then back, small thrusts at first and then building into hard strokes. Mark was now moaning with each thrust. I moved to one side, fingering myself with such force that I thought I might pass out.

Pete leaned forward, he was now face to face with Mark. This was the moment I had imagined dozens of times during our fantasies. I asked Pete to kiss Mark. Mark looked startled but before he had too much time to comprehend the idea, Pete kissed him softly on the lips. I nervously waited to see how Mark would react. Mark responded by softly returning the kiss. Pete then placed his lips firmly on Marks and they kissed passionately, their tongues meeting at each kiss. I squeezed Mark’s hand lovingly. Pete’s thrusts increased; he was getting close. With one last heave his first load sprayed into Mark’s arse. Pete quickly withdrew, squeezed the head of his cock and moved up until his cock was inches from Mark’s face. He told Mark to open his mouth and then proceeded to unload 3 or 4 huge spurts of cum into his mouth, some splashing on to his cheeks. Mark managed to swallow it all and I mopped up the remainder and let Mark lick it off my fingers.

I spread my legs and speared Mark’s hard cock deep into my pussy. I don’t think we lasted 30 seconds before we were both cuming. Mark had licked Pete’s cock clean and I told Mark he now needed to clean up my mess. I held my pussy lips together before squatting over Marks face and releasing his cum into his mouth. Mark’s tongue expertly licked out the remainder.

We all collapsed on to the bed, completely satisfied and with a new experience to remember for years to come.