Written by bi55

17 Feb 2015

im not much good at writing stories but here goes this happened a month ago

I had a wink from a truckie profile said he was a trucker and a tv . asked me where it was possible to park overnight as he had a load to deliver in whyalla. I was on night shift at the time so gave him directions to a parking bay near the iron knob turnoff .we arranged that id visit about 4am . as he wanted to dress me in corset stockings and g string. i arrived and found 2 semis parked there but knew which one was his, blue kenworth *hope you read this candy * as he got out the cab motor still running told me other trucker was snooping around so had to be a little quiet. i entered his sleeper cab and got shock of my life , was better than 5 star hotel with double bed. i stripped for him out of my work cloths and he slowly preceded to dress me . he was georgous in his hi heels stockings wig and makeup and corset. first came the stockings very slowly pulling them over my legs , then a black corset clipping the stockings on . when he picked out the g string he flicked them aside , you wont need them he said, with that he flipped me onto the bed and started rimming me, all became a blur as he wacked my cheeks, full force , turning them glowing red , I didn't get much chance to even think about the pain as he drove his cock deep into me , smacking my butt cheeks the whole time . his cock was huge , felt him deep inside me . had a pain deep inside my gut . was too long for me. but he never let up , lifted my legs above my head , feet anchored to a shelf high above he stretched me with his hands to my limits. opening my butt he proceeded lo fill me with his saliva lubricating my anus , then fucking me again . my butt was sore as , aching as he fucked me. then without a word he pulled me down and began fucking my mouth , holding my head and making me gag . before I knew it I heard a voice saying im cumming and got a mouth full of cum, he still was holding my head with his cock in my mouth so had no choice but to swallow , my first time ever, I cant rem if I loved the taste as it happen so quick. but hoping hes got another trip here soon . said hed only done half of what he wanted to do so please hurry back candy cant wait xxx