2 Jun 2015

She was on holiday from Italy, slim brunette dark brown fuck me eyes and I was sure going to try my damndest to get this girl into bed. We hung out in a group with other friends and flirted for a few days, after quite a few drinks one evening I tried to kiss her but she pushed me away twice. This only made me want her all the more; then another evening the drinks flowed and we ended up back at my holiday apartment to have another drink. Everyone was quite drunk & Tes together with her friend Ren weren’t having much luck getting a taxi back to their hotel. I offered them my bed and after a few more attempts to get a taxi they accepted. They were both lying on the bed and cheekily I climbed in between them, to my surprise there wasn’t any objection. I began to kiss Tes and she responded but not wanting Ren to feel left out I began to caress the back of her neck, she responded by kissing my neck. Tes smiled so I kissed Ren and then Tes. Soon the girls were removing my T shirt. Ren kissed my nipple, Tes giggled as I removed her top to reveal her small pert B cup breasts. Ren was ahead of me as I helped her large D cups from her black lacey bra, all of us sexually charged.

I took one of Ren’s large breasts in my mouth, she groaned as I sucked hard and massaged her other nipple. Tes then started to unbuckle my belt and Ren helped removed my jeans, I undid Tes’s jeans and Ren removed hers, I saw Tes & Ren’s eyes meet and smile, wondering to myself if they had discussed this prior, I certainly wasn’t going to complain. Ren being the more forward of the two reached inside my boxer shorts and grabbed my erect cock. Her warm lips were soon sucking on this as I fumbled with Tes’s g-string. Tes had a lovely pussy, shaved with large inviting lips and all I could think of was tasting her, something I’d fantasied about the past few days. She positioned herself infront of me and I could smell her sweet musk. Ren continued to suck hard on my cock, this girl knew what she was about and I was trying to supress any thoughts of coming.

I began to lick Tes’s pussy, it was already quite wet and I sucked her clit which excited her. I then licked right round to her ass and she wriggled in pleasure and let out a little moan. Ren stopped sucking and motioned for Tes to take over, now this was just pure ecstasy. Tes then took my cock in her mouth and for a second I expected Ren to come over to me but instead she climbed under Tes and began to finger and suck her wet pussy. Tes had a technique of her own, sucking hard on the head of my cock and occasionally deep throating me while stroking my balls, her nipples were errect and she was certainly enjoying herself. I wanted to fuck Tes first so I pulled my cock away and moved around behind her with Ren just below I motioned to Ren that I wanted to fuck Tes. Ren pulled forward and her & Tes began to kiss while I parted Tes’s bum cheeks exposing her wet swollen pussy. I rubbed my cock up and down her large pussy lips dipping the head of my cock into her pussy. Ren had moved up and Tes was now eating her pussy and I was certain this was not the first time nor would it be the last.

I gradually entered Tes from behind, fuck she felt good. I increased the tempo of my thrusts as Ren let out some loud screams of joy. I was fucking Tes hard and thinking that I needed to fuck Ren too before blowing my load. After a while Ren climbed out from under Tes, I pulled out of Tes, Ren pushed me over onto the bed so I was lying on my back. Immediately she shoved my cock in her mouth and started sucking up and down. Her breasts were bouncing up and down in front of my face so I began massaging her nipples then Tes looking a bit left out came over and positioned her pussy over my face and I sank my tongue deep into her sweet pussy and darted my tongue around her ass. Ren moved forward grabbing at my cock and soon I could feel the warmth of her pussy enclose it. Tes was getting close to orgasm and I inserted 2 fingers into her, rubbing her g sport and licking her clit.

I was fighting hard not to come with both girls on top of me I wasn’t able to move much, Tes let out a loud moan as she came hard, her juices flowing as I continued to tongue her pussy. Ren was hammering up and down on my cock like a girl possessed. Tes climbed off and I motioned for Ren to lie on her back. My swollen cock was covered in her juices and I got Tes to come and lick these off before I sunk my cock back into Ren again quickly gaining momentum. This had bought me some more time but I knew I wasn’t far off coming. I pushed Ren’s legs above her head which meant I could edge deeper into her warm wet pussy. I was really going hard at her and she was moaning loudly each time I sank deep into her. With one final thrust I pulled out and sprayed a large load of cum all over her large breasts. Tes grabbed my cock and wanked it licking the cum from the tip, what a sight and what a great time I had, these two Italians were awesome. I sank two fingers into Ren and finally brought her to orgasm while Tes and I kissed passionately. I fell asleep between the two girls only to be woken a few times during the night with one of them sucking on my cock and another mammoth sex session but that’s another story.