Written by Hubby

26 Sep 2016

My wife Sam fucked our carpenter last night (again) (this is the morning after the account ,I posted September 19 2016.

Well after I fucked Jarrod's wife for the first time (also her first time she has strayed),I slipped back into our bedroom and waited till Sam came to bed , I deliberately did not clean my cock or mouth , and could still taste Helen's pussy on my lips .

Sam crept quietly into our bedroom, believing I had gone to sleep ages ago , she was stumbling as she was still quite tipsy , unzipped her tight white dress ,it was dark for her but my eyes had become accustomed to the dark and I could see just fine , Sam took off her stockings , and was standing in just her little white thong , as she rolled them down her legs she noticed how wet they were , shook her head and proceeded to bury them deep in our clothes hamper which is in our bedroom , she went into the en-suite and I heard her turn the light on , and sit down to pee .

After she slid into bed , she thought she had got away with it , but I pretended that she woke me up and started making out that I was still half drunk and horny , so I started rubbing my hand over her bum that was covered by her pajamas , she had not put any panties back on , she kept pushing my hand away , mumbling loudly to leave her alone ,

I responded and said , "well did you fuck Jarrod then?" Sam starts getting angry and said "I have told you before , that I wont do that sort of thing , even though you have tried to talk me into doing something as perverted as that ".

And if your horny , have a wank like you always do and leave me alone .

OK I say , I climb out of bed walk over to the hamper , and start to dig out her dirty thong , she yells "what are you doing "

I'm going to have a wank with a pair of your dirty knickers , Sam say's " are you that desperate (knowing the state her knickers were in) " if your that in need of sex come back to bed , I'll just drop my pajamas down , you can stick it in and get it over with quickly ".

Well just as she does this I get under the sheets and very quickly stick my head between her ass-cheeks , and, wow! her cunt just gave off this aroma that had me so hard , then I could taste Jarrod's spunk that was slowly trickling out of her cunt or ass I'm not sure ,and she was getting real fiddly .

I stuck my tongue in her asshole and tasted her , and by now she was getting into it , and with my hand I started fingering her , her cunt was sloppy and wide open , she was calling out " just stick it in ".

I whispered into her ear " you fucked him didn't you , didn't you " "and judging by the way you taste, and feel you loved it ,

Did you suck his cock ? she says "no I didn't , we were drunk and things got out of control ".

I slid up the bed , and said well suck my cock then , and shoved it in her mouth . (well it would taste of Helen's cunt and I know she will notice as she really does not like sucking my cock).

Just as she was going at it , I said "do you like that sweetheart that's Jarrod's wife's pussy you can taste , , while you had Jarrod's cock up you , I fucked Helen twice , then I blew my load down her throat".

Sam was going at it , and she seemed to be less uptight (possibly relieved it was all out in the open) , but she would still be thinking that this wasthe first time she had strayed (and if you have followed my previous posts , you will know shes had a few few different cocks in her now).

Well its now all out in the open , and hopefully she will fuck other guys , without doing it on the side .

And I'm going to fuck Jarrod's wife again , ( by convincing Helen , that Jarrod and Sam are fucking all the time) .

The following morning ,at breakfast , was strange to say the least , as Helen had been fucked by me , Sam had been fucked by Jarrod , (and Jarrod would still think that she just went to bed to sleep, because she had too much to drink, ha!) Sam would be concerned that I found out she fucked Jarrod in the lounge room , and what ramifications would that bring , both women secretly knowing they fucked each others Husband without thier knowledge , oh this was , just to good .

I wanted , to somehow have a bit more naughty fun with Helen , but was struggling to come up with a way to do this without Jarrod knowing ??.

When out of the blue an oppotunity presented itself .

Helen said to Sam , i'll just go and strip the guest bed sheets and linen , and put them in the washing machine , Helen replied just leave them in the washer i'll do a load later , and Hubby (thats me will fetch some clean sheets whilst Jarrod and I wash the breakfast dishes "'(perfect). (I think she wanted to warn Jarrod that I knew about last night).

Well I am standing behind Helen and she still has her sexy dress from the night before on , and her bum just looked delisious (considering that I had stuck my tounge in it last night) .

She bent over to pull of the sheets when just as quick as a flash , I stuck my hand up her dress and grabbed her puss, it was warm and clammy up there and still damp as I made her put her knickers on without cleaning up ( ah! heaven).

She said dont they might catch us , again I said "they are probably doing thje same" I persisted and pulled her gusset to one side , it was all stuck in her slit , and I started fingering her (its always funny , how you girls always protest ,but love getting fingered , or licked ).

After rubbing her clit and sticking a couple of fingers in her . I pulled them out , sniffed and licked them and I said to Helen ,"I want to fuck you again soon , i'll call you ".

Then I said did you enjoy last night .....

She was looking all sheepish and coy , but dipped her head down and almost whispered back ," yes I suppose I did ".

I said I want you to call me Tomorrow when he goes to work , and tell what he did , (in great detail) when he got you home , and saw the state your knickers and pussy were in , and I want you to make sure he goes down on you before you have a shower , promise me .....

Well they left a little while later , and I took Sam into the lounge room and made her recreate her and Jarrods fuck session , and also sit on my face again , so I could have the ' morning after creampie that me and Jarrod deposited in her .

She has certainly turned in to the perfect ' hot wife '.

Well sorry this was so long , but great sex can't be written about in ten lines , unless its bullshit.