Written by warmblood61

23 Jan 2010

I have a few stories I will share as time goes by... Here's a dogging experiences I had in my twenties.

I owned old Holden panelvan that I travelled around Australia in. In all I took about three years to circumnavigate our great country.

Visiting the famous Kalgoolie Two-Up School, I got chatting to a couple of girls and a guy. It was a hot day and you weren't allowed to drink at the two-up ring so we went back into the carpark where we cracked open some stubbies.The girls were great fun to chat with and the guy somewhat aloof and didn't really converse at all. After a couple of beers we went back to watch and play some more two-up. It was a fun and exciting experience, there were people there betting hundreds and thousands of dollars on the toss of a couple of pennies. We were betting fives and tens.

There had been a bit of flirting going on between myself and the two girls and Karina, the shorter of the two whispered in my ear that she wanted to fuck me. Not one to miss an opportunity I told the others we were going back to the carpark. Jenny, the other girl, stepped right up and said she would join us. "Bugga", I was going to miss out on fucking Karina. Three's a crowd I thought.

No sooner had we got back to their car and opened the stubbies when a school employee told us we couldn't drink out in the open. So the girls and I headed back to my panelvan on the other side of the carpark to sit in the back. We continued our chatting and before getting halfway through a stubby, Karina started french kissing me. Within what seemed like seconds, Jenny started kissing the back of my neck and her hands wondered all over my body. Wasn't long before we were all in various states of undress with the girls taking turns sucking my cock and balls.

With all the attention, I was close to unloading all over their faces, I stopped them and turned my full attention on them. Both girls were in their early twenties and their breasts were gorgeous and explored them I did. I kissed them all over and their pussies, so sweet..yum! Whilst swapping between one and the other I suggested they play with each other, they said they were staright so it didn't happen. Given the situation, my expert tongue and fingers, it wasn't long before they both orgasmed, Jenny the louder of the two. Them came bucketfuls, I nearly drowned in their cum juices. It was time to ram my throbbing cock deep inside them.

I first penetrated Karina, ever so slowly, she was tight. oooooh! After having her feel my full length and a few strokes, awkwardly in a tangle of legs I positioned myself between Jenny's legs. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, she came again, wrapped her legs around me, screaming at me to ram my cock into her hard. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! She was very wet and tight, it took all I had not to explode inside her there and then.

Fucking two girls missionary in the back of a panevan wasn't working to well, so the girls went doggy style. Some time had passed since the first kiss and getting into a position behind the girls. I had a view out the windscreen and noticed everyone was heading back to their cars, the two-up had finished for the day. I then noticed someone looking through the crack in the side window curtains. I looked around and saw a couple of guys looking over the gap of the back window curtain. these peeping toms heightened my excitement, I said nothing to the girls. I pumped my cock in one then the other, I was aching to unload. Karina wasn't on contraception and Jenny was, it agreed I blow deep into her. We fucked hard and fast. OOOOooooooooooohhhh! It seemed like forever before I stopped cumming, I felt like I emptied every drop of cum I had into her, it sooooooooo good.

We all fell to the mattress and I gave both girls thankyou kisses. We noticed cars around us starting and departing so we quickly got dressed. In doing so I thumped the roof of the van to scare off any peeping toms. When I opened the back window I told the girls the guy they were with was heading in our direction. "Shit!' said Jenny, 'He's my boyfriend!'