Written by Mark

2 Jul 2017

We followed Julie in, she put her bag on the chair and walked to the kitchen, what do you want to drink she said, Terry said I will have a rum & coke and I said a red wine if you have please. Terry put on some music and Julie bought in the drinks.

Terry grabbed hold of Julie and said let's dance, they put their arms round each other, hers round his neck and his straight to her arse! They danced and started to kiss, I sat watching on the couch. As they were kissing, Terry's hands were fondling her arse and slowly slid up her dress, revealing black stockings & suspenders, with a thin black thong. Her arse was a good size, Terry moving his hands all over whilst continuing to kiss. His hand moved to the front, were he moved her thong to one side and slid a finger in her now wet pussy! He pulled his finger out and put it in his mouth, sucking Julie's juices off, this made Julie kiss him harder, sliding her tongue into his mouth wanting to taste herself.

Terry unzipped her dress and let it slip to the floor, her black lacy bra was unhooked with speed and slipped down showing an ample pair of breast, must be a 36 DD's with nipples hard like bulletts. Terry bent down taking a nipple in his mouth, cupping both breast at the same time. My cock was throbbing, poking my shorts like a tent! I decided to unleash my throbbing cock, I pulled down my shorts and boxers, and started stroking my length. I have a decent size cock, just under 8" in length and it is very thick, women love it! Julie saw me, smiled and made her way over to me, she bent over and grabbed my cock with both hands and kissed the tip, before licking the tip, down the shaft and back up before opening her mouth and slowly swallow my bell end, I gasped, her warm mouth felt so good. Terry moved behind her and pulled down her gstring and started licking her pussy, flicking her clit with his tongue. Julie started stroking her hand up and down my shaft in time with her mouth, my cock was throbbing and I was ousting pre cum. Terry dropped his jeans and boxers, his cock was thin and short, he slid his cock straight in her pussy, with a quick tempo in and out, grabbing her waist and drilling her as hard as he could. Julie stud up turned around and lowered herself on my cock, she felt tight and I had to hold the base of my cock whilst I squeezed inside her. She felt tight but so hot, so started working up and down my cock slowly, she was moaning as I stretched her to capacity. Terry pulled her head down onto his cock and she swallowed his hole length in her mouth, he closed his eyes in delight, whilst I started increasing the tempo, as Julie was lowering down I lifted up and down, sliding in and out, her pussy was wet and she started moaning loader and loader before she said I'm cumming, I'm cumming and pushed down hard on my cock and stayed there while I felt her body and pussy pulsate on my cock.

After she gained composure, I lifted her up and I laid on the floor, I told her to jump on my cock whilst facing me with those gorgeous tits jiggling in my face, I started sliding deep inside her, whilst Terry knelt behind her and pushed his cock in her arse, she gasped and pushed her hand on his stomach to control the time he was entering her. I could feel his cock on my cock, it felt nice as I worked faster and faster with cock sliding in and out her pussy, Terry picked up his tempo too and before long Julie was cumming again. I couldn't hold on much longer, so I said to Julie I want to cum in her mouth, she smiled and said ok. I pulled out and slid my body up so my cock was able to be taken in her mouth. Terry was still fucking her arse and had my crick in her mouth, I couldn't hold on anymore and pulsatted streams of salty cum in her mouth, she took the lot and swallowed it all. She turned round to a Terry and said I want to feel you cum in my arse, that tipped him and started cumming, shooting his load in her arse. He pulled out and drips of cum fell to the floor, before we all laughed and said that was so good. Julie said that's round one, you better get ready for round two!