Written by doggingfun1

20 Feb 2015

I usually go down to the Middle Swan Reserve for a little bit of fun during the day. There are usually a number of guys there that enjoy a bit of wanking and sucking fun. On this particular day i wandered off into the thicket hoping to find something to play with.

To my supprise i came across this very beautiful topless woman. She motioned for me to come closer and as i stood in front of her she very softly but firmly stroked my now hardening cock through my pants. I slid my hand down and under her short skirt to find her pussy and slid a finger straight in, at this she slid her hand into my shorts and grabbed hold of my cock giving it a tug. I leaned forward and sucked on one of her nipples and put another finger into her now very wet pussy. This went on for a couple of minutes when she pulled away a little and sunk to her knees pulling my shorts down at the same time when my cock sprung free it went straight into her open waiting mouth. She was good, sucking the entire length in in one go she also cupped and gently squeezed my balls and allowed one of her fingers to tickle my ass OH god did she know how to pleasure a guy.

This all took place in less than 10 min she leaned back and asked me to hold her head and fuck her mouth which i did with pleasure ramming my cock all the way in in a steady stroke.

It was at this point that i noticed another guy standing to the back of her stroking his cock i motioned for him to come closer and as he did i reached out and started stroking his cock for him. At this moment she looked at this extra cock and turned to slide it into her waiting mouth and swallowed it straight down. She then moved into a bent over position and grabbed my cock and pulled me around so as to guide my cock into her pussy with one easy stroke while not missing a beat sucking the other cock.

Her pussy was so wet and warm i just slowly and carefully fucked her so as not to cum as i wanted it to last as long as i could.

AS i slowly fucked this wonderful pussy i started to play with her ass with my fingers and gently slid one in with a small whimper from my willing fuck, to this i slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy and with one push entered her very willing tight ass, this was not good as i almost came in the first stroke. the guy that she was sucking said he was about to cum and she put her hands around his ass and held him in so as not to loose any she just took everything he pumped out and kept sucking.

She told me to pull out and kneel down with her then told the other guy to fuck my mouth until he was hard again. god he tasted good and it wasn't long before he was hard again. She got him to then lay down and mounted him, i was then told to feed him my cock and balls, by this time we had a few more guys around with there cocks out so she got them to come closer and told me to help suck these guys which i did.

She leaned forward and kissed me then told me to cum in her mouth which i did while the cock in her pussy exploded as i stepped back she told the other guys to cum all over her tits. before long 4 other guys had covered her in cum and she had sucked there cocks clean.

This was about three weeks ago and i haven't seen her there since, i hope she is on this site and reads this and comes down again. Never knew her name but she was about late thirties blonde hair shoulder length lovely body beautiful firm tits and one of the most insatiable sexual appetites i have ever encountered hope to meet u again.