Written by Mschievious

3 Jul 2017

I was dripping. We had been in hot chat for an hour. You're such a tease. It's soo cold and soo late but I need your cock in me. I can't bare it anymore. I get changed into a skimpy black dress. Boots and stockings to stay warm. And a big overcoat. No underwear.

I can just imagine you ripping at the groin of my stockings to reveal my tasty drenched cunt underneath.. soon enough.

I get lost in that thought for a second and I feel myself getting wetter as I grab my bag and keys and head out into the dark to meet you.

I call you as you've just parked. Good timing. I told you to get out and walk down to meet me. There's an alleyway. I direct you to come find me. I hear your excitement in your breathing. You can't believe your luck. You've wanted to fuck me for so long. You tell me you're going to put me against the wall when you find me. That I've been a dirty slut coming out to get fucked in the cold. I'm a little nervous but I feel my cunt twitch in anticipation as I hear your foot steps come around the corner.

You almost run on top of me. You grunt and groan mmmm and moan over me as you grope at me, telling me how hot I am. Your hands are so hard and sexy all over my tits. Grabbing at my erect cold nipples, pulling them out of that little dress. You bite at my neck as you go straight to between my legs. You feel how so crazy wet I am but I have stockings inbetween. Within a second, you smile and dig your finger in to grab and rip at my pussy and what's currently protecting it. Ripping my stockings to shreds. As I had planned. Within seconds. As I thought you would.

You thrust your cold fingers in deep, right up into me. I don't know what shocked me more. How quick you entered me. How cold your fingers are. Or how FAT your fingers are. Mmmmm. Big hands. I wonder what I am in for...

You finger fuck me hard and fast as you suck and bite at my neck, my face. You grab my hair, pull my head back and growl in my ear that I neeeeed your cock. You feel that this made me melt. You unzip your jeans and tease your hard head across the front of my dripping cunt. Throbbing head just teasing into my slit and around my clit. I can feel how fucking hard you are getting. I know you want me. You start slapping your hard cock up and under my wet vag. Teasing me like crazy. You bend down to bite at my nipples as I feel you direct yourself from below into me in another deep long surprising thrust as you did earlier. Oh my fuck, I gasp. I realise how huge you are as you start pounding me long and deep...