20 Jul 2016

A purple bra and gee string was all she had on as i led her to the verandah i lashed her left arm to the rail and then her right she was so compliant so i trailed the rope around her breasts and down to her string through her legs and pulled her hips toward me her swollen lips severed by the gee and the cotton rope she was sweating from the heat and the rain slicked her hair and back i pushed my cock against the rope and pulled her against me her back muscles straining and smacked her with the crop her head thrown back i grabbed her pony tail and slowly brought her head back and pushed my cock harder against her and then slapped her other butt cheek harder this time pulled her legs wider and pushed the crop handle into her anus she almost growled then and swung her hips side to side wanting my cock i pushed two fingers past the rope into her she was so wet the storm was stronger we were both wet with the rain and sweat i pushed my cock into her and let the rope go semen gushed into her as she bucked with no restraint against me her buttocks slamming into me as she came and came tangled twisted touseled and dealt with