Written by Holiday Jetleg

29 Dec 2012

Just got back from an overseas holiday. After a long 20 hour flight we finally arrived at our destination and headed out of the airport to catch a cab to our hotel. Suddenly, we noticed my best mate Mike running towards us. He lives in the USA so we seldom catch up. We had arranged to meet with him the following day but he managed to catch an earlier flight and decided to surprise us. My wife, Kim, gave him a big hug and kiss. The three of us us chatted as we collected our baggage and hopped into a cab.

We checked into the hotel. Mike hadn't organised any accommodation so we told him to bunk in with us as we had 2 double beds in our room so one would be available to him. We had a quick shower, changed and headed out to grab a bite to eat. We enjoyed a burger at one of the hotels' restaurants and enjoyed a few drinks whie we caught up on our life stories. We hadn't seen each other for around 4 years so there was plenty to talk about.

Being pretty jetlagged, we decided to have an early night and went back to the hotel room. We changed into bedtime gear and lay back on the comfortable beds. Kim continued the conversation with Mike but I lay on my side quietly, enjoying the rest. I kept my eyes closed but even though I was exhausted, I couldn't sleep. Mike asked Kim if I was asleep. She pushed me but I just pretended to be asleep. Mike asked Kim to hop on the bed with him. She dimmed most of the lighting and slid quietly out of our bed and lay down next to Mike. With one hand covering my eye I saw Mike start to caress Kims face. His lips met hers and they were soon pationately embracing. My cock started growing. Mike ran his hand down Kims top and began unbuttoning it. He pushed the top aside revealing her beautiful breasts. Immediately his mouth sucked eagerly at her nipples until they stood proudly. Kims hand slid beneath Mikes boxer shorts and eased his nice hard seven inch cock out, stoking it gently. Mike got to his knees and slid Kims pants down her thighs and beyond. His fingers slid between her thighs and Kim moaned as he worked them inside her pussy. Mike parted her thighs and quickly slid his cock inside her tight wet pussy. He thrust slowly at first before increasing his strokes, pumping his cock deep inside her. Kim was moaning louder but neither looked towards me, completely oblivious to my presence.

Mike pulled out and rolled Kim over, lifting her on to her knees before ramming his cock into her from behind. I could see his cock ramming her pussy. My cock was hard and I wanted to wank it but didn't want them to know I was watching. Kim pulled away and rolled back onto her back. She raised her knees towards her chest to allow Mike to fuck deeper into her pussy. Kim's breathing and moaning increased and she moaned loadly as she came. Mike increased his thrusts, his balls tightening as he unloaded his cum deep inside her.

They embraced again before Kim slid back into bed with me. I knew her pussy would be full of Mikes cum and I wanted to go down on her and eat her out. I don't know whether she was thinking the same thing but I saw her reach between her legs. She was touching her pussy. To my surprise, and with me still pretending to be asleep, Kim waved her cum soaked fingers across my face before gently sliding one finger at a time into my mouth. I could taste Mikes cum mixed with her pussy juices. Kim continued to reach into her pussy and placing them in my mouth, being careful not to 'waken' me up. Once her pussy was 'clean' she kissed my forehead and rolled over to sleep.

I went to sleep, still horny but happy. In the morning while Mike showered, I fucked Kim before cuming on her tits. I told her she should join Mike in the shower so he could clean her up. She acted modestly and said she was too shy to expose herself to Mike... if only she knew I had seen everything!

Now back home, she still hasn't mentioned anything and I haven't brought it up. I'll wait for the right moment!