13 Jun 2017

My wife and I had been having problems for a while and no matter what I did it never seemed to please her. I worked 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and she always said it was the separation that upset her, so I wasn't surprised when I arrived home early from work and noticed my mate Tony's car in the driveway. Having my suspicions I snuck around the back of the house and looked through the patio windows into my lounge room.. There was Tony and Donna sitting on the sofa having a drink and talking, they looked like they were deep in conversation so I just sat outside watching, I couldn't hear anything but I could tell that Donna appeared to be upset. Tony moved in and put his arm around her and began to comfort her, it was at that point that my green eyed monster raised it's head, but rather than burst in, something told me to wait...... Donna got up off the sofa and replenished the drinks but as she returned Tony met her in the middle of the room and put his arms around her waist and pulled her into him, she didn't resist and with a glass in each hand she leant in and they kissed....my heart was beating out of my chest but instead of rushing to stop it I remained rooted to the spot........I couldn't stop staring, but once again, something told me to stay where I was.

Donna put the glasses down and they resumed kissing, but this time it was all on as their hands slid all over each others body, I remained gobsmacked as my wife of 13 years began frantically tearing at Tony's clothing. Tony and I had been mates since school so I knew what Donna was about to reveal!!! As she tore at his pants she stopped briefly as he stepped out of his jeans and removed his underwear...I could see Donna's eyes go wide as his massive cock sprung into view....Tony was impressive when slack but fully erect his cock looked enormous....it was definitely one that Donna had never seen before, I measure about half of Tony, so I was intrigued to see what Donna would do with it....at the same time I felt my cock stirring in my pants as I continued watching.... Donna just knelt before it and gently cradled it in her hands...she was like a child with a new toy, she caressed it, fondled it, measured it, stared at it, I could see she was building up the courage to do something with it...but it was Tony who took the lead and picking it up in his hand he directed it to her mouth. She needed no further encouragement and went to work on it like a pro.....Donna is an awesome cocksucker and loves giving head so I knew what Tony was about to get as she pushed him back onto the sofa and she carried on sucking his cock,.

Tony ran his hands through her hair as he mimicked her rhythm as she moved up and down on the shaft, she struggled to get just a little bit of the head past her lips but she never gave up trying. By this stage my own cock was rock hard and I had unzipped myself and was stroking my cock. I moved closer to the window to get a better view and in doing so I revealed myself to Tony who upon seeing me revealed a face of horror and surprise, fortunately Donna was too busy to notice and I motioned to him through the window that it was ok and showed him my cock in my hand.....the lights came on in his brain and a huge smile broke out across his face...he realised he had my approval...it was game on!